Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews or Side Effects

Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews or Side Effects

Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews → In the field of fitness and diet, ketosis is a big topic. Ketosis is a technical term for fat metabolism. If you want to lose weight, you just have to boost it. That sounds easy at first, but in practice ketosis is usually not that easy to achieve. Products such as Prima Weight Loss promise a remedy here: the metabolism should be revved up quickly, easily and even without adhering to a specific diet.

In order to bring the body into forced ketosis, only hard diets (complete avoidance of carbohydrates) and starvation diets (fasting) are usually suitable. But these radical measures often harm the body more than they benefit.

Prima Weight Loss UK Reviews or Side Effects

If the organism falls into emergency programs due to refusal to eat and blatant changes, the metabolism lives in fear and panic of starvation, so to speak. The body can lose weight, but the holistic human system suffers and symptoms such as bad mood, cravings or, in the worst case, even organic damage often occur.

In order to avoid these effects, the metabolism must be slowly lured into ketosis - and that is exactly what products like Prima Weight Loss promise.

The formation of the ketone bodies is to be stimulated by a specific combination of herbal active ingredients.

Prima Weight Loss Experiences and Test Report

The areas of application of Prima Weight Loss capsules are:


  • support of weight reduction
  • Treatment of overweight (also obesity)
  • Improving weight control.

Prima Weight Loss is specifically designed to put the body into ketosis without dieting or starvation. The active ingredients contained should develop a synergetic effect that boosts the metabolism and reduces appetite.


At best, after taking Prima Weight Loss, the body begins to use stored dietary fats as a primary source of energy again.


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The manufacturer promises the following effects, among others:

  • Reducing the storage of new fat.
  • Increase in basal metabolism.
  • Accelerated weight loss.
  • reduction in appetite.
  • Blocking food cravings.

Prima Weight Loss test and experiences - the effect


The active ingredient complex of Prima Weight Loss is intended to support weight loss through several factors:


  • Reducing food cravings.
  • increase in fat turnover.
  • Improvement of the carbohydrate and sugar situation in the body.

Regular intake of the capsules should lead to an accelerated feeling of satiety in users. If there are no food cravings, the number of calories consumed is reduced.

This can be practically achieved by lowering the blood sugar level.

An inhibition of the appetite is also achieved by various plant extracts and bitter substances .

Fat metabolism, also known as ketosis, is severely disrupted in most people who are overweight. Either the body does not burn any more stored fat or only very slowly.

The reason for this lies in the way the liver works in obese people. It specializes entirely in the intake of fresh foods and, in the vast majority of cases, ingestion of large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars and simple fats.

In order to be able to convert food at all, the body needs certain messenger substances. Enzymes, amino acids and other substances are necessary to break down food and convert it into power and heat in the cells. The liver is the organ that ensures that all the messenger substances necessary for digestion and metabolism are available.

When it comes to fat metabolism, the body needs so-called ketone bodies. They are essential for optimal utilization of fats. This applies in particular to stored body fat. Without ketone bodies, the organism cannot attack these “stores” and can no longer convert body fat into energy.

At the same time, with constant overeating, more and more calories are taken in, which are stored as new fat. As a result, more and more fat accumulates in the typical places and obesity increases.

The ingredients have long been known and proven in naturopathy. Caffeine has an appetite-suppressing and at the same time stimulating effect. The same goes for green tea and kelp extract.

The kelp obtained from algae has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the production of thyroid hormones. These get the metabolism going, promote detoxification of the body, provide more energy and vitality and promote fat burning.

The bitter and tannins contained in green tea reduce the blood sugar level and gently help the liver to detoxify.

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The effectiveness of the product is reflected in these effects:

  • Decrease in appetite after a few days of use.
  • Increase in activity level.
  • absence of cravings.
  • Increased mobility and joie de vivre.

In order to reduce excess weight, users must expect to take Prima Weight Loss over a period of several weeks to months. Most weight loss in the manufacturer's studies occurred between 8 and 12 weeks on average.

Most subjects took Prima Weight Loss for 4 months until they had largely achieved their weight loss goals.

Due to the increased vitality and the changes in the metabolism, a change in lifestyle and nutrition usually occurs quite automatically. Prima Weight Loss users suddenly have an appetite for other foods and enjoy sport and exercise.

Prima Weight Loss UK Experiences Forum


If you look around the web and the forum a little further, you will find various product tests and feedback from other Prima Weight Loss users. There, too, the effectiveness and customer succession are confirmed.

Most testers report several weeks of use before good weight loss is achieved. The test reports from Prima Weight Loss refer almost exclusively to people who have used the product without following a diet and have still been able to achieve full success.

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