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PrimeHost 2.0 OTO Links here 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Get The 8 OTO Links With Discount And Massive Bonuses PrimeHost 2.0 OTO. you will get Massive 1 Prime Host 2.0 Front-End and 8 PrimeHost 2.0 OTO Editions.


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What is Prime Host 2.0 ?

PrimeHost is the world-class and one-of-its-kind Blazing Fast Turbo – SSD Web Hosting solution that allows your customers to host unlimited websites and domains on ultra-reliable and super-fast loading servers at an unbeatable low one-time price.

It Takes Only 3 Simple Steps To Host

Your Sites With PrimeHost…

Step #1

Login PrimeHost

Step #2

Manage your Hosting Account ( Most PowerFul Control Panel)

Step #3

Install 100+ Web script in Just 1 click



See The Demo

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Product Overview

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PrimeHost 2.0 OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO1 Premium Edition

  • Built-In Malware Protection –Protect Your Data From Any Malware Threats & Hackers
  • Automated Daily Backup Of All Your Website’s Data Including Files, Images, Videos And Graphics
  • ‘UNLIMITED EVERYTHING’ (Websites, Domains, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, Database & Protection) For Pro Marketers
  • Commercial License – Sell Hosting To Your Clients & Earn Easy Profits
  • And So Much More…



OTO2  MAX  Edition

Premium Website Builder To Build Your Sites In Just Minutes Without Any Tech-Skills. It Comes Jam-Loaded With…

  • DFY 2000 Website Templates
  • User-Friendly Live Editor
  • Advance Drag & Drop Feature
  • Download the entire Project in just a Click
  • Flexible Elements System Included… Layout Editor, Elements, Code Editors, Templates & More…



OTO3 CloudDrive Edition

Next-Level Cloud Storage System To Store, Backup, Upload, Access & Share Unlimited Files. It Allows Users To…

  • Store Unlimited Files, Documents, Audio, Videos Images, Graphics Or Anything Like GDrive orDropbox
  • Automated Backup Of All Your Files, Document, Music, Photos, Videos & More
  • Drag & Drop File UploaderTo Upload Any File In Minutes
  • Access Data From Anywhere In The World
  • Get Shareable Links With Expiry Date
  • Generate Password-Protected& Permission Based Shareable Links.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



OTO4 Website Edition

All-In-One SEO Tool To Improve Your Site Rankings & Conversions. Inside You’ll Get…

  • Link Analyzer – Analyze Unlimited Links or Pages In Just 1-Click
  • Unlimited Malware Scans Including Google Safe, AVG & Virus – Total (67 Scans)
  • Bulk URL Shortener – To Shorten Unlimited Bulk URLs via Bitly & Rebrandly
  • Keyword Analyzer – To Analyze Unlimited Keywords For Position With Suggestions
  • IP Analyzer& Index Checker – To Analyze Unlimited IPs & Check Unlimited Site Indexes
  • Unlimited Social Network Analysis
  • Website Analyzer&Visitor Analyzer

OTO5 WEB Conversion Edition

Advance Tracking Tool To Maximize Your Conversions & Profits.

  • Skyrocket Conversions& Increase Business Growth
  • Easy Setup & Integration On Any Website
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Notifications Impressions / Month












Hot Bonuses Packages PrimeHost 2.0

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PrimeHost 2.0 OTO Links Above




Video review for Front End only


Text From This video


As seen, the video starts to have fun. You may add a contact us to action link that leads to your offer below. You may independently examine it. Simply click this link to get a real-time trial, and you'll also receive this bonus. In addition to this solution reservation software, you will get it if you purchase one of the upsells or the bundle offer. If you purchase one of the upsells or the bundle, allow me to explain what Primos is all about. As already said, Prime Host provides basically limitless organisation. If you purchase the unlimited plan, you get endless organising, where you may link an infinite number of domain names, etc.


Therefore, you must connect your domains to Prime Host as your first step. Currently, it's rather simple below. I can see that these are the two DNS servers when I zoom in. You simply need to register your domain name and fill out the name servers listed below. You see provided name web server and second name web server, and you store this information. If you do not know how to accomplish this, you may contact your domain registrant and they can assist you. Yet this is also simple.




I don't know how to say that in English, but after you've done that, and I've done it as well, connecting your domain is really simple. Initially, you must include a domain name. Therefore, on the left side of this page, you will likely see domain names, and you may then insert your domain name. As may be seen above, I have already added two domain names. This is a previously added domain name. This domain also served as a test domain.




I'm included as well, however it works quite easily. Simply click "create a new domain name." You give this domain a name such as "domain" so that it becomes your domain, and you can also add an SSL certificate directly to your domain. This is completely free, including shipping. You may add this to your mail, webmill, ftp, and cpanel and then click the save button. Once you have done so, your primary host may manage your domain name.




Now shown below are all DNS records. After adding your domain name, you may maintain all of its DNS entries in this section. So this is my ideal online lifestyle. As you can see, you can adjust all of your DNS settings from here. Therefore, if you need to add DNS documents, you may select "include a type record" and add these records immediately.




PrimeHost 2.0 OTO Links Above


This may seem quite complicated, but it is just to demonstrate what is possible using Prime Host. The first step is to add your domain name, as I previously explained, and then you may set up your website. I believe that this is how the most of people will employ it. First, I'm going to demonstrate how easy it is to establish a website on your domain, and then I'll discuss the left menu. So this is my ideal online lifestyle.




om. So when I go to that website, online, uh, online want way of life, and also I have not examined this before on this domain, as you can see, this is an empty domain name since it is now forwarded to a premium server. What I'm going to show you in this review is an online demonstration of how to install WordPress on your domain, since it's that simple. When you go to the script installers here or the 2nd add-ons, you may click WordPress, which enables you to install WordPress on your hosting.




As you can see, when I click "Add WordPress," I am able to choose my domain; thus, this is the internet dream. So I'll claim Online Dream Lifestyle, and then in the site description I'll say something like, "I generate money online"; you can then give your username. So let’s say this is Tim Vidao, or TVDO. You may provide a password for yourself or just give this stuff. This is only an example of language configurations, therefore I'm going to erase this webpage just in case.




You desire to test this, but as you can see, everything has already been completed. I am able to choose the website template I want to install. So, if I want one of these design templates, I just choose this, and as you can see, there are a number of design templates underneath. After selecting a layout, it will automatically be added. So let's assume that I plan to use this. I'm going to choose this layout, and then I'm going to hit the Mount button.




This is the lowest item. Simply click install, confirm, and WordPress is presently being installed on your domain. Can you see how simple this is? Today, my site is complete. My WordPress is mounted. Consider this when I click on my domain.




Oh, I can now use it immediately. I may continue my instalment. When I select "Proceed," it seems that you have already reinstalled WordPress, which is good. So now I’m mosting likely to visit to my WordPress installation. Therefore, I will likely enter my username and password, hit the login button, and then see this explosion.




This is my personal WordPress site. We are now installing it. It creates a new window when I click "Explore Website Below," which is my new website. Do you realise how simple this is? Certainly, I need to install that as well as replicate the sites as well as style that I installed. As you can see, when I go to web pages, there are no web pages, just a sample page; nonetheless, you can install your wordpress sites on prime host in this manner, and as you can see, it is really easy to install your wordpress sites on prime host. So, to begin with, when we have our meal choices right here, we have the cwp settings for managing chrome tabs. This may seem difficult, but it is only a demonstration of what is included in a listing modification.




PrimeHost 2.0 OTOs Links Above


Your pay page is p.


I'm uncertain about the correct pronunciation. In addition, this one p php selection alerts, mod security statistics, and then below is the data manager, which allows you to file system lock, antivirus scan, and infection. Aside from that, we'll discuss pricing later on the file supervisor, so this will open up the documents supervisor for you, where you can manage all the files on your web server. As you can see, when I open up internet dream way of life, I can manage all the documents on my web server and also I can upload my very own data, etc. If you like listening, according to wp. As may be seen, this website has enhanced word visibility. You can manage all your papers. You can create FTP accounts, allowing you to access your hosting using third-party FTP software.




Using the use log client, you may create a backup of your website's disc, as well as manage your domain.




Listed below are the related domains you've added to your primos.




Let me see: in addition, you have your subdomains, auto-SSL, custom-made SSL, and also remembers, right? Your data sources may be found at this location. Using the mysql manager and email accounts, you may independently construct customised data sources.




Also, this is something that you will like. We basically generate email accounts. We just tested this, and it worked well. As you can see, I created an email account at, and as you can also see, it's easy to add a new mailbox. You may say, "Okay, I will create this email address. Select the domain you've incorporated, input your e-mail address, as well as you may start sending out recipes.




How does it function? Is it really that straightforward? Here you may insert your round cube webmill. This will undoubtedly get you access to the email system.




Above are PrimeHost 2.0 OTO extras


You may sign in. So let's assume that this is my hm. Oh no. The email address that I created must be duplicated, after which I will log in and click "log in" to use the online email system. As you can see, this email was a test that I sent to myself.




It arrived in my mailbox, and you can easily add these emails to your own expectations by utilising the smtp details, etc. This is the precise rate at which you may generate new email addresses. Well, you can do much more. There are email forwarders available. You may set autoresponders for your e-mails.




You can perform email filters, email, direction, email, email, importing, uh, as I said, you've got all the dns area editors below to add dns add-ons like wordpress, prestashop, joomla, and drupal manuscript installers, and this isn't even a remarkable feature, which is called the reseller. Currently, when I click reseller, this is one of the upgrades, but this enables you. The reseller gives you the ability to produce packages and establish new accounts. Therefore, when I go to accounts, I may indicate that I desire to create a new account. Suppose you have a customer with an ABC website.




Okay, you may assert, "Okay, I'll add" This is my customer's domain. I'm going to offer this username with a password, and then I'll choose the package. As you can see, I have made two plans: one gigabyte, ten domains, and ten email accounts; I can also build an unlimited plan. For example, I'm going to choose that I'm going to hit save, and then this account will be established for my customer. Currently, you can handle these plans independently, thus you can build these plans independently. This may be a plan name, so you can claim 20 domains, and you can also indicate, "Okay, let's say they can use 20 or 2,000 mmb or gigabytes for this allotment."




capacity for transmission They may create 10 FTP accounts, ten email accounts, and more accounts. Then you could store your bundle, as well as when you generate an account below, you can state, "Okay, I'm going to produce a brand-new account, and also I'm going to choose the bundle that I made presently. There are many more items here, such as the name servers. I suppose that by default this will be deep. Your premier home host – here you may choose your identity by publishing your own logo, footer, customer panel, name, backup, email from name, and backup email from address.




Consequently, this permits you to resell Prime Host as your own hosting service, and this is what you will get with Primos. It is an online solution for managing all of your domains. You can manage all of your donated domain names on PrimeHost, and as you can see, it's presently incredibly easy to do so. Allow me to briefly examine the costs when you click the link under this video. If you visit YouTube, you may see the rates listed below on my website, which begins right here.




Examine this. For the price, you may choose between two plans. You receive primo's 10 sites for 42 dollars after using the coupon prime host vip; nevertheless, there is an infinite package for unlimited sites for 77 dollars after applying the coupon prime host vip. Instead of spending 97, you're mosting likely gonna pay 77. Where you may get free unconstrained websites and domains, end-to-end SSL file encryption, unlimited transmission capacity, and essentially anything limitless. There are other enhancements included, and I will not list them all, but Primos Costs offers malware protection, to mention one.




You have got the second upgrade, a site builder. You have received update 3, which is a cloud drive where you may save all of your information, papers, music files, and video clips, etc. You have obtained upgrade 4, which includes infinite search engine optimization. You may upgrade to version 5, which is internet conversion, for 47; to versions 6 and 7, which are the business version and the reseller version, for 197 and 97; and then there is a package offer for this. One is quite intriguing, as well as this is the one I advise if you truly want to purchase every little thing on Prime Host, since after using the discount coupon, this deal will definitely be 267 dollars, and also for this price, you'll receive the whole channel, every little thing on the channel. It will be included for $267, where you will get everything you know. You may examine it here. For a one-time fee and moreover, if you chose this, if you select the end plus one of your upgrades, you will get all my bonuses. If you merely get the front end, you will receive the advantages listed on this page. If you purchase the bundle, you will get all the perks listed on this page.




Yet I think this is a rather remarkable deal for this rate, because normally you pay month after month after month for your hosting, and Prime Host is merely an one-time purchase. As you can see, this is also a preview of the package. If you want to see this What’s included: all of this; all of the upsells are consisted of. So if this appears interesting to you, then make sure to check out the web link in the description of this video clip and likewise don’t fail to remember to subscribe to my YouTube network. If you want to see even more of my testimonials, hit that bell notification, so you can obtain an alert each time I put out a brand-new review, and also please hit that like switch.




If you would certainly appreciate it to ensure that my video additionally stands up in the search results, and if you have any type of inquiries, make sure to inquire in the comments listed below. I always attempt to address all of the questions and also, uh, well, that’s it for now. Thanks for viewing my prime host testimonial as well as I hope to see you in my following video clip quickly: bye, [, music] Yo

PrimeHost 2.0 OTO



Hot Bonuses Packages PrimeHost 2.0

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>> Hot Bonuses Package #2 <<

>> Hot Bonuses Package #3 <<

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