Private Server List [2022]

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30 September 2022

Last Update August. 20, 2022

We are glad to have you here! Below you will find an inventory of the most recent known private servers that have been submitted to be displayed on our sub-Reddit. There are many types of servers, ranging from retail-like to fully customized to meet your requirements and styles.

Server Owners: If you do not see your server listed , and wish to be added Contact /u/atom0s to get added. Please be sure to check our server guidelines here first before asking:

75 Capped (Retail-Like)

Eden - Old school retail-like. Treasures expansion era with customized modifications/quality of living.

Kujata Reborn - Retail-like Wings of the Goddess expansion the era.

Omega - Content up-to and including Treasures with an emphasis on classic-like retail. Some QoL changes, including level sync.

75 Capped (Custom)

Aurora - Hardcore Server! Custom content/rates. Death results in reset to level 1!

AtavismXI- CoP era with many custom modifications.

CatsEyeXI - Custom content, enhanced rates. Trusts enabled.

Demiurge – Custom content, limited expansion access up to further development. (Level cap may raise later on.)

DSP Old School – Official test server that is not managed. Quality of life changes and uses DarkStar master branch code.
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Era - Customized content to Wings of the Goddess

Hokutens era custom content server for Wings era, with various QoL commands/changes.

Nasomi Treasures expansion era with modifications to the quality of life and customisations.

Nightbrood - Custom content, small/solo content focused.

Nurtech - Custom content including Wings of the Goddess. Many customizations and QoL modifications

PhoenixXI Custom 75caps, up to Treasures content. Many custom content, higher rates

Phynix – Custom 75cap up Treasures content

Supernova - 2007 to 2008ish era with custom content and updates.

Tantalus Custom content available up to Wings Era. Custom exp quests, QoL changes, Trusts enabled. Limit 2 per group. (Formally Dawnbreak Server).

Tonberry - Custom server that is centered around a custom job system unlocking sub-jobs level cap to match main job levels.

Wings Content that includes Wings of the Goddess. Recent focus has shifted the focus to include a few out of era changes in the era-accuracy. (QoL unlocks for wardrobe/mog sacks.)

99 Capped (Retail-Like)

xiweb - Bleeding edge LandSandBoat Server with all QoL improvements. (Book/Crystal Teleport Field/Ground of Valor and Records of Eminence. Content comes from the 'everything branch. No custom modifications are allowed.

99 Capped (Custom)

Ayakashi - Not much info is known, look up their Reddit post/Discord for more details.

Caldera – Custom content, increased rates, and numerous QoL modifications. (Trusts enabled.)

Homepoint - Custom content, small/solo content focused many custom changes. They are averse to you and will abuse your feelings. However, they do have cookies. (Oatmeal Raisin)

Nocturnal Souls - Custom content focused on small/solo content, events and content based on players.

Omicron Omicron Custom 99cap with higher rates. All LSB available content enabled. (GEO and RUN enabled. )(Trusts enabled.)

Realms of Jova Custom content Many content, constant custom events.

Valhalla - Custom content, non-standard features/content.

VanaSkies Custom content and other QoL changes.

(Servers are sorted by category, and then alphabetically. Some servers have been around since the beginning, whereas others are newer and more modern.

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