Pros and Cons of the Laravel PHP Framework

Pros and Cons of the Laravel PHP Framework
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21 December 2022

Let’s get one thing straight right away – the world would literally stop functioning if developers stopped working today.

It’s not unreal; it’s an undeniable fact that developers move the world forward or at least make our everyday functioning much easier and more accessible in every way possible. One of those developers are Laravel developers, who use the famous PHP framework, Laravel.

Whether you are a beginner who is thinking about learning Laravel or you are someone who’s looking for Laravel developers for hire, you have come to the right place.


Because before you do anything, you need to know the essential pros and cons of Laravel.

So, let’s begin.


We’ll start with the pros since Laravel is a great PHP framework, so there won’t be many cons anyway.

It’s Simple to Learn

The most important advantage of using this PHP framework is that it’s easy to learn. A developer can build experience pretty quickly and become better at it precisely because Laravel is made in a way that’s accessible to beginners.

Most developers don’t like to waste their time with complex and messy code, and businesses also don’t like to wait for a long period of time to get what they want, so the Laravel Framework provides both the developers and clients with the required result.

Laravel has an elegant syntax that’s expressive but also straightforward. In addition, it provides developers with various tools, libraries, templates, etc. Therefore, developers can build robust web apps that are also easy to maintain flexibly.

Robust Security

One of the primary considerations regarding every web framework is security, which is entirely logical. Nothing is 100% secure, but this PHP framework has fantastically robust features.

Laravel has a powerful ecosystem that provides excellent support from the community, and one can use many tutorials to help Laravel developers build better apps. Furthermore, it has a built-in CSRF token that can handle online threats. Also, it can protect the app from cyber risks and attacks like SQL injection attacks.

Another advantage is that it provides an easy-to-use interface for building apps, and the threats coming the app’s way are detected before they can do any harm.

Blade & Artisan

Blade is a lightweight built-in templating engine that provides Laravel developers with the advantage of creating a page effortlessly by using dynamic content seeding. This template engine is also fantastic because it’s an intuitive tool that provides multiple widgets to ensure that an app has a robust and stable structure.

As for Artisan, it’s an excellent built-in command-line tool that helps manage automate repetitive tasks and database migration. Furthermore, Artisan allows developers to make their custom commands and tests in the development.

It’s valuable to note that even though a developer knows perfectly well what Laravel custom pagination is or how to install Laravel on Windows, these aspects are even more valuable since there aren’t many PHP frameworks that offer powerful tools like Artisan and Blade. They’re beneficial because they help developers manage their job easily, which means getting the job made faster and more money in a short amount of time.

The MVC Architecture

It’s undeniable that having a website is necessary, and Laravel can help you significantly to create one. The thing that separates this PHP framework from others is MVC, which stands for Model-View-Controller, which makes Laravel much better.

You get an excellent overall performance because of the advantage of creating clarity between the Model and the View via the Controller, which improves documentation’s readability. Having MVC, this framework provides developers with an effective way to make unique small and large-scale apps. They can write simple and clear code and the MVC pattern provides different built-in functions like pagination Laravel, database streamlined migration, authentication system, etc.

Also, the developer will control how the app presents itself in front of the user since MVC finds files fast in the logical directories.


As mentioned before, there aren’t many cons regarding Laravel, but nothing is perfect, so let’s see what may be a disadvantage.

It Can Be Problematic After Updates

Laravel is not an exception from other frameworks and platforms regarding problems after updates. As you know, platforms with long-term support often face at least some type of problem after updates, and that’s one of the primary things for which this PHP framework is criticized.

But don’t worry since one can quickly solve these problematic moments after updates if the developers have experience and are quick enough to respond to updates.

It Lacks In-Built Support

One of the crucial disadvantages of Laravel is that it lacks in-built support, which is understandable since it’s relatively new, but it still makes building applications easy.

Nevertheless, there aren’t many in-built features yet; of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t many, but it needs time to grow. This means you will have to build some on your own, but it’s time-consuming only if you don’t know how to code. If you are familiar with this PHP framework, it won’t be a massive problem.

It Can Be Complex At Start

Even though it’s definitely easy to learn, Laravel can be a bit complex at the beginning. For instance, some elements could be somewhat better since development has heavy documentation, so a developer should have at least some experience to start building applications.

On the other hand, thanks to the support of this PHP framework and the enormous Laravel community, these beginning steps for new Laravel developers can be painless. Considering how many Laravel developers there are worldwide and how they communicate online, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can ask for help or get information on places like the Laracasts Forum or any other if you have any questions.

As you can see, Laravel is an excellent choice if you are thinking about becoming a developer. Also, it’s fantastic if you are looking for Laravel developers since there are many top talents you can find via a global talent network from all across the globe.

Good luck!

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