Protective filter and privacy filter for the monitor Why is it important?

Protective filter and privacy filter for the monitor Why is it important?
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16 September 2022

The operation of the monitor is accompanied by radiation that adversely affects human health (in this case, the higher the scanning frequency, the greater the radiation). At the same time, the filter reduces viewing angles, which will help protect you from prying eyes and spies. Shop privacy filters for your monitor you can in specialized online stores, carefully read the characteristics of the product when buying, they can vary greatly from each other.

The radiation of the monitor is different: soft X-ray, ultraviolet, radio emission, and finally, there is an electrostatic field.

Types of filters for screens

To protect against these radiations, screen filters are needed.

Filters are mesh, film, glass.

Grid filters provide virtually no protection against electromagnetic radiation and static electricity, and they also reduce image contrast. But they protect (and protect well) from the glare of ambient light, which is important for the eyes.

Film filters do not protect against static electricity, almost no protection against glare (only Polaroid polarizing film filters protect against glare), but they increase image contrast, almost completely absorb ultraviolet radiation and reduce X-ray levels.

Glass filters come in several modifications:

  • glass filters with grounding remove static charge, weaken electromagnetic fields, ultraviolet radiation, increase image contrast: these are the most popular filters;

  • glass filters "full protection", eliminate static fields, ultraviolet radiation, significantly reduce electromagnetic fields and X-rays, almost no glare and increase image contrast, but they are expensive.

The question "how to choose Privacy Screen" worries many people.

Close prying eyes

Before sticking the protective filter on the monitor, be sure to wipe the monitor display before sticking the adhesive strips. If you're looking for a temporary solution, glue a couple of side mounts (if your monitor allows it) and getting to work is ideal.

With privacy filters, you should expect the brightness to drop a notch or two. And well, it will help you in the long run, since colleagues and office neighbors will not be able to read the information on your monitor.

The only thing you need to remember is that privacy filters rarely work at right angles. So if you have a curious colleague sitting right behind you, they will still be able to see your screen content to some extent.

Advantage of Privacy Screen

  • The filters are removable, can be installed in a couple of minutes and can be dismantled when you need it. This is very convenient and does not harm the screen coating.

  • The filter is located on all areas of the screen, from edge to edge. And does not spoil the visual appearance

  • Providing protection against hacking, this is very important in crowded places: trains, cafes, offices, airports, schools, houses, etc.

  • Provides additional protection for the eyes, eliminates harmful radiation. Behind the device, eyes get noticeably less tired.

  • It also provides additional protection for the screen itself, now it is not afraid of scratches and chips. Also, the displays do not fade.

  • VINTEZ provides protective screens in all possible sizes, as well as for mobile devices.

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