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"Ha ha!" Ye Feng burst out laughing: "Good.". Even if the dream of the Great Wilderness is a dragon's pool and a tiger's den, I must rush into it. He was so arrogant that he disdained to use force to force the poison fairy to submit and seize the holy blood beads. What's more, thousands of people on the field all covet the Holy Blood Bead. If he really coerces the Poisonous Immortal by force, he will surely attack it and let the situation out of control. Hum, even if you really want to take it by force, you must wait for the birth of the Holy Blood Bead and really get it in your hand. Now, even if he killed the Poison Fairy, he would not reveal where the Holy Blood Bead was. Sister, you can rest assured that I will let you live happily and carefree. Ye Feng silently calculated that he was not too concerned about the dream of entering the Great Wilderness. He was already in the early days of the robbery. In terms of fighting alone, all the people present were no match for him. He should have the greatest chance to get the lovesickness ring. Hum, what kind of person is this? He is so perky. Does he think he is handsome? Hu Lan stamped his boots angrily and said unconvinced. She really can not see this Ye Feng, as soon as she came up, she stole the limelight of Zhao Yun's brother. Zhao Yun is muttering to himself: "Ding Lin Ye family, Ding Lin Ye family?? That's right So it's her! Hu Lan looked at Zhao Yun strangely and asked, "What's wrong?"? Brother, why do you have such an expression? 136 times are doomed Everyone's eyes are focused on Ye Feng, but Zhao Yun's thoughts are flying, and he returns to the desolation and helplessness when he destroys his family. At that time, under the scorching sun, I had no relatives, and I was lying in the street in pain and being ridiculed by everyone, without a trace of pity. Only the gentle lady, thinking that he was lonely and helpless, let him get into the carriage, fed him the elixir, and let his heart get a moment of peace. But such a good man was brutally bullied and killed by the weasel spirit. Is it because you brought her bad luck? That lady is called Liu Ma, she is from the home of Dinglin Ye, she seems to have mentioned something about the North Dark Crystal?? The scene of the past is intertwined with the sight and sound of the present. Let Zhao Yun have a kind of consternation and trance. He was dying that day, but now a sword shocked the world. It's really a fateful thing, and it's hard to guess. Seeing Zhao Yun's strange expression, Hu Lan asked, "Brother,water bottle packaging machine, what are you thinking about?" "No, I'm just thinking about old things." Zhao Yun came to his senses and looked around, but in his heart he thought, "Liu Ma has saved my life, so the Ye family has great kindness to me.". Should I help Ye Feng get the acacia ring? But what about the good medicine for my master and the poison of pulling the machine? The heart is uncertain, but the committee can't make up its mind. On the stage ten thousand hand poison immortals burst out laughing, appears happy unusual: "Has Your Excellency to help, obtains the lovesickness ring the opportunity to enhance greatly." Ye Feng, however, did not let go of his furrowed brows. He had been disappointed too many times, and his sister's illness could not be delayed: "I hope the Holy Blood Bead can really work. Your medical skill of the Poisonous Immortal really has something to do with it.". Otherwise Ye Feng's voice suddenly stopped, but everyone knew that his words were not without the meaning of threatening the poisonous immortals, and they all felt that this person was too arrogant. Ye Feng is strong, but also only one person, so the holy blood beads as if the things in the bag, early caused public dissatisfaction. Just have a lesson from the past, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine, everyone is afraid of Ye Feng's strength, at this time there is no one to make the first bird, and then to attract Ye Feng's nameless fire. But Zhao Yun suddenly woke up from the confusion, secretly laughing: "Yes, people cultivate for the sky, that need me to give way?"? Into this dream of the Great Wilderness, life and death are uncertain, I still want to help others, oh. Each according to his own ability, and everything will wait until he really gets the lovesickness ring. He cleared his mind and felt refreshed, just waiting for the Poison Fairy to lead the way to see if the dream of the Great Wilderness was really as terrible as the legend. At this time, Ye Feng's entourage suddenly dispersed, and the sound of the horse's hooves made a neat sound, without any confusion or noise. Only then did they discover that there was an oil wall car among the hundreds of horses. Previously photographed by Ye Feng, they all did not pay attention to it. They all felt puzzled: "This carriage is exquisite and elegant. It looks like something that an official lady rides on.". Is it Ye Feng's family? Thousands of eyes gathered, only to see the carriage door slowly opened, from which stepped out of a small golden lotus, and then flashed out of a graceful beauty. The followers of the Ye family hurriedly turned their eyes away, not daring to look up, as if the stars were holding the moon, reflecting the woman's refined manner. At that time, the audience was silent, all holding their breath, wanting to see the woman's appearance, but when they looked closely, they were slightly disappointed. The woman was dressed in green and yellow, walking like a weak willow, graceful and graceful, but her face was covered with a white veil for some reason, so that people could not see what she looked like. Although some rough men don't say anything, they can't help thinking, "It's really disappointing.". The woman looked very beautiful, and her neck was snow-white. She was afraid that she had some bad disease on her face, such as scars or pus, so she dared not see anyone. The woman walked leisurely to the field, seemingly turning a blind eye to the anxious eyes of the audience. She came to Ye Feng's side steadily and said, "Brother, I'm going with you. Don't leave me behind." Ye Feng twisted her brows like ice and snow. "Of course," she said with a smile. "It would be best if you could accompany me." This time he took his sister Ye Zhi to the North Sea Wasteland, originally intended to let ten thousand hands poison fairy immediately cure, who expected ten thousand hands poison fairy has a false reputation, the natural Yin pulse is also helpless. If you let Xiaozhi alone on the sunset plain, people and places are not familiar, it is necessary to suffer some grievances. Naturally, it is more appropriate with me, and I can also put my heart at ease. No matter how dangerous the dream of the Great Wilderness is, I must protect her thoroughly. Having made up his mind, Ye Feng said to the Poisonous Immortal, "Where is the door to the dream of the Great Wilderness?" Poisonous immortal with ten thousand hands has unparalleled medical skills. Looking at Ye Zhi's figure and posture, she knows that her Yin Qi is too deep. If she hadn't used precious medicines to renew her life, she would have seen the King of Hell long ago. To be able to live for so many years,bottle blowing machine, a lot of pain and suffering is unavoidable, such as flower years are manipulated by fate, really pitiful. gzxilinear.com

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