Quality Time with your Partner on EmaChat

Quality Time with your Partner on EmaChat

The premise of EmaChat's motto is the promise of providing a separate virtual space for spending quality time with your partner. That begs the question- How is this ensured?

Here is an overview that gives you an idea.

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Smart Video Calls:

On Emachat, you can look at your partner when you two chat and watch their live reactions. Once you enable the video option on the top right corner in the Chat Screen, you can connect to a MVC (Muted Video Call), which plays as the Chat background while you and your partner text.

This simultaneous video calling and text feature is unique in the market, and of utmost need, especially for couples worldwide.

With EmaChat’s highly adaptable Video Calling feature, you can alter the video quality, Unmute and Undeafen to verbally talk to your partner directly instead of texting. You can even notify your partner if there are people nearby with the Alarm feature. Hanging up the call is equally as simple.

This feature was developed to strengthen your bond. Research shows that video calling helps to establish more personal and trusting relationships, understand conversation better, streamline collaboration and improve communication. EmaChat has kept all that in mind while developing SVC so that users can get the best possible experience and grow closer than ever.


Quality Time with your Partner on EmaChat


Screen Sharing:

EmaChat allows you and your partner to listen to songs and watch TV together. Explore and find new favourites, along with your favourite person. Share your screen and make an endless stream of memories in the Desktop version.

Sharing media and enjoying it in your own personal space together brings you closer. These are the commonly known benefits of sharing your screen:


  1. Communication efficiency boost
  2. Increased interest and involvement.

    Quality Time with your Partner on EmaChat

Talk at a particular time:

Only when both of you are online in Emachat can you text each other. Other apps, however, allow users to text and wait for a response even if their partner is not online. This causes a communication gap between couples. Only when both of you are online in Emachat can you text your companion. This software enhances your friendship by utilising this functionality.

 Special dates:


When you are in a committed relationship, it can be difficult to remember your partner's birthday. It's interesting how Emachat helps in this situation by telling you your partner's birthday and how long you've been dating them. Your romantic relationship will grow stronger when you celebrate significant milestones together.

Chat Menu Features:

On your Chat Screen, you may notice many small buttons which may appear overwhelming and confusing. How exactly will you know what each of them is for?

With EmaChat, every feature is intentional and service-oriented, aiming to provide a better experience to create a comfortable environment for partners. Each button serves a simplistic function and here is the rundown of those:

  1. Player: This shows what you and your partner are currently watching together. It is a small window that provides a preview of the content you’re both accessing simultaneously.
  2. Settings: Provides the options to
  • Set a timer to auto-close EmaChat
  • Translate messages to any language
  • Enable or disable fingerprint lock
  • Enable or disable Spy Mode.


  1. Functions: Provides the options to
  • Alert: Send an alert to your partner’s device, if someone is nearby.
  • Vibrate: Make your partner’s device vibrate.
  • Gallery: View your private photos and videos.
  • Battery: Ask for your partner’s Battery Percentage, which has an auto-reply feature. You deserve to know how long your partner will be able to talk to you, after all!
  • Sleep: When you select it, this feature closes EmaChat on your partner’s device, if you suspect they are asleep.
  • Stop: Stops your partner from continuing to type until you are done saying something.


  1. TV: Select any language and any type of content to play and watch or music to listen to together. You can even copy-paste YouTube links to watch them together!

  2. Wallpaper: Changes the background of your chat screen to whatever you want from your gallery.
  3. GameZone: Bored and don’t know what to do? Spend some time with your partner. Although this may seem silly, games have only brought people closer together. Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with your partner, right on your screen.
  4. Support: Contact the EmaChat team for any support or queries relevant to the app. You could also reach out to provide input and valuable feedback which will be considered for the betterment of the app.

  5. Sharing:  While Screen Sharing is only available on the desktop version at the moment, this is where you and your partner can share media and watch it together. Don’t look for a separate app or site for a particular purpose like that. With EmaChat, you have a world of your own, meant just for you two.

To know more about EmaChat visit - https://emachat.com

EmaChat is unlike every other app that is currently out on the market. It is made with two people in mind, to preserve their special connection and let it flourish. For this, it attempts to constantly make additions which allow partners to spend meaningful time together. What are you waiting for? Download EmaChat and spend quality time with your partner - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emachat


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