Quarantine: Not A Millennial Lingo

Quarantine: Not A Millennial Lingo
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  • The Novel Coronavirus that has shaken the whole world has made people quarantine themselves in their homes.
  •  Quarantine is the most essential step that is to be taken to control the spread of COVID-19.
  • There is no doubt that “prevention is better than cure,” and quarantine is the topmost method of such prevention.

The last time we saw words getting so popular so quickly across the globe was the time when people could roam around the streets with their free will and shake hands without worrying about dying. It feels like an era ago, but it was just the yesteryear when we took these things for granted.

No, we are not at war (well technically we are not, although Italy has demanded China for war damages). We are fighting a battle with a strange invisible enemy—the Novel Coronavirus.

Why Quarantine?

The Novel Coronavirus has shaken the whole world by its capacity to transmit itself rapidly from carrier to another. The virus is not as fatal as SARS or MERS- which belongs to the same genus as Novel Coronavirus. It has still managed to kill more than 42,000 people worldwide. The countries that are most affected by the virus include China (where the virus allegedly originates from), Italy, the United States, Germany, Spain, and many others. The mentioned circumstances have led to the worldwide acceptance of quarantine.

Keep Yourself Healthy While Following The Quarantine and Social-distancing Instructions..

Amid the whole Coronavirus shebang, we have across various new terms like Quarantine, Self-distancing, Community spread. By now, we are well aware of these terminologies. The important question during this time is how to stay healthy amidst this lockdown? Here are a few tips!

Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast..

There is a famous saying, “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper.” This means that one should have a nutrients rich diet in the morning. But, having the same meal every morning might turn out to be monotonous after a while. So, utilize this time to come up with a variety of healthy combinations of meals and enjoy it. This will keep you healthy, both physically and mentally.

Follow a schedule..

There is no doubt that when you pen down your daily routine and a to-do list for the day, it keeps you motivated to complete them on time. The schedule will prevent you from wasting time on unnecessary activities. Your schedule should include everything from work, studies, meals as well as leisure activities.

Don’t miss out on working out..

Being in bed all day will make you lethargic. Therefore, to prevent this, make a workout schedule. Being under lockdown, you might think that there is no space to do a workout, but where there is a will, there is a way. You can research various home workout routines, and you could utilize your terrace space or the common areas of your building. Staying physically active will not only help you stay active physically but will keep your mental stability intact.

Build yourself a workstation..

Working in bed or lying on your sofa hampers your efficiency. So, go ahead and build yourself a workstation where you designate yourself a fixed time schedule to work, and amidst it, don’t forget to take small breaks. Working will make you feel satisfied and will give you a sense of accomplishment. This will create a better environment for yourself and the people around you at home.

Keep your sleeping routine balanced..

Getting required sleep is one of the most important health factors. For one to stay healthy both physically and mentally, they should get enough sleep of at least 7 hours a day and on proper timings. Sleeping at odd hours and waking up at odd hours changes your biological cycle and leads to various discomforts. Hence, get adequate and proper sleep during this lockdown period.

Spend quality time with your near and dear ones..

During this period of pandemic and lockdown. Social distancing is one thing, and being socially unavailable is another. Stay connected to your near and dear ones through social media platforms. Plan out video meet-ups, play different games online, catch-up with your long lost friends, learn new things from people online, and spend time with your family. Indulge in group discussions and plan out activities for you and the people around you. This will create a happy environment that will make you realize that this lockdown, after all, was not such a bad thing.

Final Words

As of now, the death rate is well below 4%, and older people or people with existing respiratory or heart conditions are significant victims of the virus. There is no official cure for the virus. However, scientists and health experts are working on the vaccination as we speak. This means we have all the reasons to stay relaxed and at home, as it is the only remedy as of now.

Some people are finding it extraordinarily dull and mind-numbing to stay indoors for a continued period. It is necessary to know that by staying home, you will be helping the society, yourself, and your dear ones. Use your time efficiently to brush up your skills or pick up a new hobby. In these trying times, the world has to act together to save humanity from disastrous outcomes of COVID-19.

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