Quick Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer in 2022

Quick Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer in 2022
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Quick Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer in 2022


Businesses and companies are moving online. And providing services and products through the internet. And, most of these businesses use silo working structures. A silo structure within a company is a way to divide employees into different departments to get individual department performance records.


This is where a DevOps engineer comes in, to share his software management and automation skills to improve digital product availability and also, to help bridge the gap between secluded departments.


Hiring a DevOps engineer may be more expensive than a general software engineer, but it helps your organization or business to get a professional consultation about product enhancements.

Who are DevOps engineers?

DevOps stands for development and information technology operations. A DevOps engineer is someone who has acquired knowledge in software engineering and also in communication tactics. 


DevOps engineers generally need to make plans for the improvement of the overall open and back-end server systems of the business. And for that, they need to possess good knowledge of scripting and programming languages such as bash, python, ruby, java, etc. 


They also review codes written by other junior software engineers and edit them as necessary and then those programs get deployed and further monitored by the DevOps engineers. But one thing to remember is that DevOps is in high demand in the current IT market, so it's a good idea to hire a qualified, efficient DevOps engineer faster.

Why does your business need DevOps engineers?

Whether your business is directly serving the IT sector or whether it is just an e-commerce platform, a DevOps engineer can help your silo workforce communicate using operational skills and implement better-designed web applications to overall positively boost user experience on your platform. 

Now let's look at all the 4 reasons why your business requires DevOps engineers.

Provides insights about your business

DevOps do provide insights into a company's growth patterns. Generally, DevOps are necessary for IT siloes but they can work with any company having an internet presence. 

They do gather customer preferences and buying patterns and based on that they communicate with existing marketing departments and present the data to them.

Improves speed and efficiency of product software

DevOps make sure their working system software is running faster and in a stable condition so that the end user can have a better experience when using the product. After receiving reviews about their software, they code programs and deploy the updates and then watch whether the user is comfortable browsing through the updated interface.

Establishes trust and teamwork

Principal solutions engineer of Atlassian's Ian Buchanan in his DevOps principles said shared responsibilities and quick feedback are the foundation of a high-performing DevOps team. Silo-based working environment employees often don't think from the bigger perspective of the whole company, they just prioritize their teams. But DevOps can break this mentality, change their viewpoint and show the absolute necessity of collaboration and data exchange with one another.

Implements better automation

The main goal of DevOps engineers is to transform business scenarios that encompass people of different cultures. A successful DevOps initiative is one where people engage with each other and share their thoughts on different projects and help the digital product achieve goals with automation techniques.

Essential skills to look for in a DevOps engineer

It may not be easy to hire DevOps engineers, without prior knowledge of their required qualifications and experiences in certain fields. Although, DevOps may be hired depending on skill sets that are necessary to your organization. However, we've curated four general skill sets that every devop should possess.


  • Good command over scripting languages such as ruby, bash, python, PHP, etc. Although it is fine, if the candidate does know only one of the languages, he must be willing to learn others as well.
  • They should have good communication skills, as they will have to communicate and collaborate with other workers as well.
  • Possessing problem-solving skills will make them stand out. As sudden decisions need to be made in the field of DevOps engineering.
  • They must have a good interest in the technology field. Because working as DevOps, one needs to keep up with the upcoming tech news and updates.

5 Steps to hire a DevOps engineer

Now, you know who is a devop engineer and what they do? Right? Moving ahead we are going to see how HRMs should hire a DevOps engineer.

1. Advertise

Advertising that there's a vacancy at your company, is the first thing you need to do so that potential DevOps can submit their resumes.

2. Shortlist

Now you need to go through all the resumes you received. And find out the only ones with preferred experience and skill set for the job.

3. Notify

Notify everyone who made it past the shortlisting procedure and even those who did not. Applicants do appreciate this process.

4. Interview

Notified selected persons will be interviewed and questioned based on their manifested skill sets.

5. Selection

After that, only the best of the best, devop will be selected after the interview procedure and they will be given the initial offer letter to join.


Sounds complicated? It's alright. Leave it to us, we'll handle the DevOps engineer assessment tests and help you make a solid hiring decision. You can try Testlify for free for 7 days.

Final Thoughts

A devop engineer is the backbone of any cloud-based company. They do help keep the ties strong between the different departments of a company. They also make better software updates and improve overall system stability for all end users. So hiring a devop is important and should be done keeping in mind all the above information.

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