Quiet.js data transmission via sound card

Alex Alex 12 November 2019
Quiet.js data transmission via sound card

The JavaScript Language Binding Quiet.js uses the Web Audio function to Send and Receive data. The Software already has some transmission profiles on Board, and can be used via a cable, speaker or ultrasonic.

in the Library of the Quiet data can be received via the sound card and sent. The technique is based on Liquid SDR, a Library for signal management for software-defined radio devices. The Language Binding Quiet.js this allows now also for JavaScript. Creating standalone binaries with Quiet records by means of can .wav files to encode, or encode. With PortAudio is also a Streaming is via the sound card. The Transfer should be done via cable, we can use the implemented cable-Profiles back to ensure a speed of at least 40 kbps. Also a Transmission via the ultrasound should be according to the developers, thanks to the ultrasonicPofile possible.

For the JavaScript Version has been added to a Blob for Libquiet, as well as a Language Binding, for ease of use. The use of Quiet.js they are, however, dependent on the compatibility of the Browser. During the Sending of data by all browsers will be supported, in addition to the Internet Explorer, can only receive Chrome and Edge in full data. Firefox and Safari only provide partial or no Support.

An Overview of the compatibility of each Browser and all the Information to the Quiet.js on GitHub available.

Source: entwickler.de

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