Razer Blade 15 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, FHD) Laptop Review

Razer Blade 15 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, FHD) Laptop Review
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Overachiever. Razer's new gaming notebook is a successor of the 14-inch Blade. It features a 15-inch display. In our comprehensive review, we compare the slim gaming notebook to its competition.

Razer is one of many manufacturers that have attempted to combine high performance with portability and sophisticated designs in the past. Their 14 inch Blade was a success last year. It was equipped with a Kaby Lake CPU and a GTX 1060 GTX GPU. This Blade scored well on Notebookcheck.

The 15.6-inch Blade this year is the spiritual successor of the 14-inch gaming machine. Its footprint is nearly identical to regular 14-inch notebooks due to its narrow bezels.

A brand new gaming notebook must offer more, especially when it's bearing the Razer name. The Blade 15 is equipped with the latest Coffee Lake CPU from Intel. It has six cores and two GPUs. The display options include an FHD panel and a 4K panel, just as last year. This year's panel options include a 144Hz option, which is different from last year.

It is fierce competition, to put it mildly. MSI's GS658RF Stealth Thin is an example. Gigabyte's Aero v8 or the new Schenker Key 15, (ClevoP955ER) are also equipped nearly identically. All of the competitors are slim and light gamers. They are between 20 mm (0.8") and 1-2 mm (0.08" - 0.08") thinner than the Blade 15.

The Razer 15 comes in a variety of configurations, as is becoming quite normal these days. The base model is available for $1,899 on razer.com. It can also be purchased at many retailers in Germany, France and Great Britain. The more expensive, but better-equipped model was our review unit at $2,599.

How to adjust the speed on the razer blade 15 2018 h2

How to adjust the speed on the Razer Blade

Synapse is an option for some Razer Blade models to adjust fan speed. You may have different fan control options depending on which model you are using. Check out the images below.

Below is a list of Razer Blade models that have fan speed control and Synapse versions.

For Synapse 3 supported models:

Synapse 3 allows you to control the fan speed of your Razer Blade manually in either "Balanced Mode", or "Gaming Mode".

Adjust the airspeed:

  • Open Synapse 3 by selecting "SYSTEM" in the top bar.
  • Click on "PERFORMANCE" from there.
  • Choose the "HANDMAT” option.
  • Click to move the node at your preference speed.

These are additional notes to consider when setting the fan speed in Synapse3.

  • The system will not adjust the speed that you choose, but it will maintain the selected speed.
  • You only have the option to choose between 4000-5000 RPMs. Gaming mode only allows 4500 to 5000 RPMs
  • A constant fan speed can cause increased fan noise.
  • You can keep your Razer Blade cool during intense games by selecting 5000 RPM. This is more than any other activity that requires increasing GPU or CPU use.
  • These settings can be saved and kept for as long Synapse 3 runs.

For Synapse 2.0 supported models:

  • Open Synapse 2.0.
  • From the top bar, select "SYSTEM". Select under SYSTEM "POWER".

Razer announced its partnership with Netflix to bring HDR-10 support and 5.1 audio to the Razer Phone. There are phones that can watch HDR content on Netflix. However, the Razer Phone is the first mobile device with 5.1 audio support.

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New and existing users will be able to view Netflix in HDR with an update due later this month. This surprise was not expected, as Razer has never previously mentioned HDR support. However, the Razer Phone apparently has an HDR-10 display. I am not certain if this means that you can watch HDR videos locally or HDR videos on YouTube before or after the update.

The 5.1 part of the update will let you listen to the optional 5.1 stream Netflix offers on certain titles on compatible devices. The phone can only be used with stereo speakers. This means that the phone cannot be used with headphones or the built-in stereo speakers. It will be a fake surround effect using separate audio channels, but then played through two speakers. It should still provide some immersion, provided it is done correctly.

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To watch HDR content, users will need to subscribe to the 4-person 4K plan. This is absurd as HDR is not dependent on resolution. But that's how Netflix works.






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