Reactime 3.0: Time Travel Debugging for States in React

Alex Alex 20 November 2019
Reactime 3.0: Time Travel Debugging for States in React

Reactime 3.0 helps debugging of State in React applications. The Tool is available as a Chrome Extension in the Browser to install and offers in addition to the Time Travel Debugging a Live visualization.

Who handles the State Management in React on Redux, the Redux-Tooling for debugging. If, however, instead of Hooks or the new Concurrent Mode to be used, it needs a different solution. Reactime 3.0 wants to close this gap, such as Chris Flannery in the blog post for the Release writes, and offers Debugging options for the State in React, covering also the React Router, Concurrent fashion, Suspense and Hooks.

Time Travel Debugging in Chrome

Reactime 3.0 works with Time Travel Debugging, for which Snapshots of the States and the Browser History will be made. From the cached data-a-State-Tree is generated can be called, within which previous States. Also, the difference of the individual Snapshots is output. For the visualization of the project d3.js that can display for large projects, several State Branches, at the same time and in real time update, so that Bugs can faster identify.

Reactime developed by OSLabs and is under license. The project is on GitHub the Chrome Extension is available in the Chrome Web Store available. On the Website of the project two Demos ready, which Reactime can be tested.</stand also p> the



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