Red Flags You Must Not Overlook in Widow Matrimony

Red Flags You Must Not Overlook in Widow Matrimony
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First of all, you took a great decision about moving on! We cannot be more proud of you for overcoming your sea of sorrows. But let’s take a quick glance at these red flags before you move ahead in this journey. Read further to ensure your ease in this widow matrimony and matchmaking process. 

We know the world is hard out there for widows. Apart from the excruciating pain of losing their husbands, widows also have to go through those heart-wrenching rituals post the husband’s death in India. So, if you are coming firm and strong after the process, you sure deserve the best of everything afterward. However, for that, it is most important to choose your partner carefully. Because the taboos and stigma regarding divorce, widows, love marriages, etc still persist in India, and women are continuously targeted on several grounds. So, make sure you notice these red flags before moving ahead with your Indian widow matrimony marriage!

Makes You Feel Inferior

Marrying after your husband’s death does not make you any less of a person than you already are. So, anyone who is making you feel that way needs to be out of your widow matrimony list now! 

You must remember, if the guy is making you question your integrity, identity and put your whole existence in crisis already, he needs a doctor, not a wife! In fact, widow women are more of a person than anyone of us. They have been through hell and yet came out stronger where most people even leave the will to live. So, apart from accepting his questionable behavior, you better find a more sustainable guy.

Putting Unfair Demands

This is quite usual in case of most Indian widow matrimony. Not just your partner, but his family might also expect a way too much in exchange for accepting a widowed bride. Many families might ask you to leave your job, cater to the home needs, looking after children, forget what you are and whatnot!

But you will always have a choice. Do not make the wrong choice of complying with those adjustments no matter what. However, this will be a perfect time to test your partner. At the end, all that matters is his companionship. So, if he is ready to understand you and assure that your problems are his, you have already found a great match. But if his expectations from you are the same as his family, you do not need to move ahead with him.

Not Accepting You Publically

If you have already decided to marry him and he still has not done the basics you’re probably going the wrong way. Introducing their partner or future spouses is the primary step for anyone who is thinking the same as you. However, do not judge him for taking his time but you need to stop right there and talk. If this is casual nervousness its fine but if the reason for this delay is his inability to commit, maybe you need to keep your search for your betterhalf on. 

Also, the best way to learn his intentions is to notice his regular behavior around you. If is always casual and takes your priorities for granted, may be he will never learn to be responsible for you.

Shows Split Personality

Do you sense differences in his attitude while he is around his friends than when he is with you? Then, stop. This can be a red flag! You do not want to be stuck with the wrong guy after your widow matrimony marriage.

No matter how many or whatever reasons he might give you for this weird behavior, you need to be alert! Also, you can go with your intuition in such scenarios. Women’s intuition is a way more accurate and convincing strategy than any other excuses your man might have. So, do not resist to confront him and tell how you feel about this two-faced personality of his. If he still continues to do the same with you, maybe it’s time to move on from him now! 

So, these are some of the most alarming red flags women must notice before making their decision for marriage in widow matrimony. Also, the change starts from within. So, you need to prioritize and celebrate yourself before expecting people to recognize your identity. All the best!

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