Return of the King of Rebirth

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However, the footsteps of several people at the door soon interrupted her meditation. Yunxi! Szeto Bai and Lao Jin hugged her: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Two people's eyes fell off at once, and they haven't seen each other for three months. Every day is a torment for them. Always have a sense of guilt, obviously want to share hardships with Yunxi, but the pressure at home is everywhere, they are powerless. I can only watch her fight alone. Standing behind them, Grantham winked helplessly at Yunxi. "I've already comforted them, but it's no use." Yunxi smiled. "It's all over. Don't take it to heart." Their families, their parents, put themselves in their shoes, and no one dares to risk letting their children get involved without absolute certainty. She never blamed them. What are you doing here so late? Yunxi pacified the two and looked back at Grantham. He shook his head at her helplessly. "I'll say goodbye and leave tomorrow to say hello to you." Yunxi understood a little, and estimated that there was something urgent in Europe, otherwise he would not be in such a hurry. But what was it that made Grantham, who had always been carefree, so anxious? Chapter 21 attacking the Zhan family. Yunxi sat with Grantham, Situ Bai and Liu Jin,Calacatta Quartz Slab, talking freely and freely. Yunxi did not ask much about why Grantham suddenly said goodbye. Sometimes, a moderate distance is another way to maintain friendship. Relaxation can last for a long time. Obviously, Szeto Bai and Liu Jin just felt that Grantham's identity must be inconvenient to stay in China for a long time, so they didn't care at all. The four of them sat together and talked about what had happened in the past three months in detail. Yunxi just listened most of the time and did not express any opinions. Outside the door, Zhang Cui gently closed the door carefully and slowly returned to the hall. Walking to the escalator, she suddenly looked at the old man's room, with some thoughts in her eyes,Grey Marble Slab, and finally shook her head and went back to her room. Leng Guoyi was taking off his coat and preparing to change his pajamas. When she came back, he whispered, "The bath water is ready. Go and take a good bath. Go to bed early in the evening.". You are not in good health, so you should pay more attention to yourself. Zhang Cui is a little out of her mind, gently "um", took his pajamas, but looked at the slippers, went directly to the bathroom. Leng Guoyi shook his head helplessly and pulled her back to the bedside: "What's wrong?"? Restless. "Don't you think the old man's attitude towards that Mo is a little strange?" It is reasonable to say that since Yunxi is a few years old, she should also be a junior. Although she was originally from a merchant's family, she has seen many dignitaries for many years. This person is not an ordinary person at first sight. The problem is that there are so many celebrities from all walks of life in the courtyard just now. If the identity of Zizi Mo is really unusual, someone should know him. But no one came forward to identify this person. The strangest thing is the old man, with his seniority, Silver Travertine Slabs ,pietra gray marble, why is he so courteous to this amazing looking man? When Zhang Cui thought about it, she felt strange and couldn't help asking her husband, "Do you know him?" Zizi Mo? In my impression, I did hear the name. But He looked at his wife with a restless look for a long time and said quietly, "I know you think his appearance is a little strange, but this man has never been the enemy of our cold family." Zhang Cui's fingers stiffened and her face was startled. It was not that he was surprised at how mysterious the identity of Zhimo was, but that his husband's answer was so obscure. After decades of marriage, it was the first time she had seen him mention a person in such a secretive way. Yunxi went to Europe for three months and stayed with Zizimo all the time. Aren't you worried? She always felt that there was something wrong, but she couldn't say where it was. Daughter's eyes now are more and more let her see through, she does not know because of Zhan Wenlan's betrayal, or other reasons. Always feel, this time, the family has been released, Yunxi's expression seems to be not very big. As if, just according to the established plan, walking as a car, walking like water. Her daughter is only twenty years old, and she looks like an ancient well. Leng Guoyi clapped her hand. After many years of marriage, he has always loved and respected his wife. "Everything should be done on the good side.". At least, the stronger my daughter is, she won't be too lonely if she leaves us in the future. The family background of the Leng family has always been the reliance of his daughter's bullying from childhood to adulthood. When he was in junior high school, he saw his daughter knocking down her classmates but was bored. He had thought countless times, what if she left the umbrella of the Leng family, what would she do with her life? But when the isolation room was opened, he saw her walking slowly from the light, and suddenly put down a worried heart. Perhaps, the Zhan family's approach is too ruthless, but if such a blow can survive, he believes that his daughter will rise to the top in her life! Zhang Cui sighed with a wry smile: "In the final analysis, it is because we don't know people clearly." Zhan Wenlan was in their home up and down the road, no one noticed his ambition, which is why, at the beginning will feel so angry! Being stabbed in the back by the person closest to you is not at the same level as being cut by the enemy. I only hope that Yunxi will not close his feelings because of this and will no longer be willing to look directly at love. Zhang Cui rubbed her eyes and walked to the bathroom with red eyes. Behind him, Leng Guoyi opened the door and looked at the old man's room around the corner. The light was soft, and there were two men playing chess with their heads down. It is still Weiqi, and the way of black and white is clear. Zizi Mo holds Bai Zi this time, and Leng Laozi holds Heizi. The two men played very slowly, which was about the slowest game they had played since they had known each other for so long. Every next step, the two men would stop and think for a long time, as if all the conversation had been completed in this chess game. Less than half of the chess game,Porcelain Marble Slabs, time has passed for a long time, the patience of both men seems to be very good, no one made any sound. The whole room was silent.

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