Right Angled Triangle: How to determine the two acute angles of a Right Angled Triangle

Right Angled Triangle:  How to determine the two acute angles of a Right Angled Triangle

The Angles of a right-angled triangle will help determine how much the right-angled triangle measures. You must know at least two sides, even if one side is known concerning the area.

Finding the angles of a Right Angle Triangle 

Now that we know the measurement of all angles of a triangle is 180°. So one side of this Right Angled Triangle measures 90°. 

In this, the other two angles or the complimentary angles can be written as 

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So if one of the two angles is known. To find the missing angles of a right-angled triangle, subtract the angle from 90° 

However, any of the complimentary angles are not known. In that case, they can be calculated with the help of a Trigonometric Equation.

How to calculate or find the values of the complementary angles if only one side is given?

In such cases, the area of the Right angled triangle must be known. So you can input the values in the Calculator and get the respective values of the sides and the Complimentary angles.

However, if you are to calculate using formulas, you must know the value of the area of the triangle. It will help in deriving the other sides of the triangle.

So to find a, let's assume we have the area and b.


Similarly, if you are to find the value of side b 



Then the formula mentioned above is used to determine the two complementary angles. You can determine all the missing angles.

Where can the Right Angled Triangle Calculator be used and applied?

Using our Right Angled Triangle Calculator is very easy and hassle-free. In this Calculator, you must add the values of any two known sides of the right-angled triangle.

It could be the two sides of the right-angled triangle, a and b. While the other long side is the hypotenuse, and it is denoted by c.

So in the Calculator, simply input either of the values if a, b or c and the area after putting the values, and you will get the results for the Right Angled Triangle. So the values of the other complimentary angles will also be Calculated by the Calculator.


AllCalculator.net Right Angled Triangle Calculator calculates the missing angles and sides if given the required inputs. The Right Angled Triangle calculator gives the same result by following the formulas.


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