Rubik Cube Timer

Rubik Cube Timer
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A Rubik's Cube timer online is a fantastic instrument for speed-solving. It comes with an automatic scramble generator, and also analyzes your data from training to reveal how your performance is developing. Its Cube Timer adjusts itself to any size screen and works with keyboards, mice and touchscreens. It also works with tablets. After you create the account and begin working on the cube the timer will adjust itself to your screen's dimensions.


If you've been searching for an app that can timer your rubik cube You're in the right spot! This app is loaded with features that will enhance the cube-solving process It's also absolutely free! It supports a variety of input options such as recording automatically from the stackmat timer, linking to the Bluetooth smart cube as well as playing a game of Rubik's Cube.

A lot of users like this app over the others due to the numerous customization options. It lets you view the sketch of the scramble. It also lets you use WCA mode as well as export the solves and offers an easy-to-use interface. CsTimer is among the most effective cube timer apps available on Android. Its drawback is that it has multiple advertisements However, it's worth trying. What do you think? Is it worth the price?

Twisty Timer

If you are a fan of solving Rubik's Cubes, you should get this Twisty Rukik Cube Timer on iOS. This app offers a number of helpful features, including categories and timers, exporting your solves into backup files and also transferring solves from one device to another. Furthermore it allows you to add comments and penalties to your solves. It is completely free and has absolutely no advertisements.

Even though Twisty Timer might be the top viewed Rubik Cube timer for the Android platform, it's far from being the sole one that is available. Cube Timer is another excellent alternative that is suitable for Android users. It's easy to use and displays time in a graphic format. However, it's not perfect. The one drawback is that it comes with numerous advertisements that block the cube's clock.

YJ Pocket Timer

YJ is a brand that is famous for its outstanding economy cubes. The pocket-sized timer from YJ is no exception. It operates by detecting your hands, and then triggering the timer as you approach the cube. The device is equipped with an infrared sensor to detect the movement from your fingers. Just place your hands in the vicinity of four centimeters from the cube's sides, then wait for the timer's indicator on the cube to change to green, then lift both hands to begin the timer. The timer has the function button which shows the average time to solve in five minutes. It is YJ Pocket Timer is made of a smooth plastic and features the infrared sensors.

YJ Pocket Timer is a excellent timer for those who love solving Rubik's Cubes. It records the time of each puzzle solved in a visual format. It works for all 3D cubes including the well-known 3x3x3 cube. It also provides multiple solve times and works with a variety of cube sizes, like the six-inch cube. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

SpeedStacks G4 Pro Timer

If you're searching for the most effective Rubik cube clock, then you've probably thought about the SpeedStacks model. These timers are among the best that are available. They come with an easily removable Competition Timer with a high-sensitive touchpad. While they're expensive but they're worth it. Learn more about this clock and discover the reasons why it's so great.

This SpeedStacks G4 timer has all of the features that its predecessors had as well as being compatible with both displays and computers. The new model comes with new design features that cut down the distance you need to traverse to get the puzzles and place in the pieces. The build quality is top-of-the-line. It's the perfect partner for those who are serious about the game. While you're doing it you'll use it regularly!

Chao Timer

There are a variety of timer applications on apps stores, but none is nearly as polished than the Chao timer and Rubik cube. It is recommended that you look through the reviews of the apps before deciding on which one you want to download. Alongside its amazing design, this app also lets you include a cube's name and other details onto your phone. Here are the top cube timers:

This is the best-quality cube timer that is available. It's simple to use and does not have buttons or weird gestures. You can alter the duration of the session, and also view your average best, worst, and average session times. You can also duplicate scrambles and see averages or personal top scores. The timer can also be an extremely useful tool to solve Rubik cubes. It is a must take a look!

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