Running water life

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01 September 2022

"How long will it take us to walk back if we don't take a taxi?" It's also good to take a walk slowly in this small town full of Zephyr. The more Liu Zhenyi thought about it, the more he felt that the idea was great, just like in the TV series, full of romance. Of course, if the fake brother beside her is replaced by a boyfriend or something like that, it is simply a reappearance of an innocent Japanese drama. Liu Lian-er secretly calculated the time and said, "I guess.." About forty-five minutes. "Then walk back. I suddenly want to walk back." Looking up at the boy beside him, Liu Zhenyi proposed excitedly. Hearing what the girl said, Liu Lian-er glanced at her clothes and said, "It's very cold." "I'm not afraid. Are you afraid of the cold?" "I'm not afraid." "Then walk." “…… OK Bypassing the narrow slope, the two men walked side by side on the main road. They were surrounded by the sound of tapping shoes, and the occasional car on the street would lengthen their shadows with flashing headlights. Just now Thank you just now. Walking slowly beside the tall Liu Lian, Liu Zhenyi suddenly said so. Hmm? Cough lightly to cover up the embarrassment, Liu Zhenyi then said: "Thank you for not exposing me in public, but also." You can't enjoy the hot spring because you go out to pay for it. “……。” Here it comes! She's asking from the side. Liu Lian-er felt that the other party must be using this method of thanking to test him, yes, she must feel that he knew the underwear model is very strange,touch screen whiteboard, but embarrassed to ask directly, so it did so. So thinking, Liu Lian-er quickly opened his mouth to explain: "I know when I collect clothes." Yes, I know the model. “…… Ah In the cold wind in winter, there is a faint breath when you speak. When Liu Zhenyi heard Liu Lianer's sudden explanation, he was stunned and blushed. For a woman who has never been in love or had intimate contact with a boy, this topic is simply terrible. But also because of Liu Lian-er's explanation,interactive panels for education, let Liu Zhenyi feel a lot of peace of mind. I knew when I collected the clothes. That's good. At least it means he's not a pervert. And in order to cover up her own embarrassment, Liu Zhenyi wrapped her scarf in a cramped way, blushed, looked at the road ahead, and changed the topic: "That." Do you know what kind of girls are popular? "What?" "I don't want to be considered a nerd anymore. I want to be gorgeous and popular.". You say, how can a person like me who can't do anything be popular? After thinking about it for a while, Liu Lian-er replied, "I'm not very clear about this, but it seems that apart from the musical instrument club and the dance club, the girls in the support group should be very popular." "A support group?" As soon as Liu Zhen turned his head and stared at Liu Lian'er, he asked, "Can I transfer to the support group?" Can a support group she doesn't like make her popular? In that case, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smartboards for business, she doesn't mind shouting. Yes, yes, but why do you have to be gorgeous and popular? Liu Lian-er doesn't think Liu Zhenyi is the one who cares about this kind of thing. She didn't mind at all before. When did she become like this? Not gorgeous? Could it be.. Liu Lian-er frowned and asked casually, "Are you in the Ministry of Meaning?" No, I said I don't like Atobe. It has nothing to do with him. I just don't want to go on like this, like an alien. Liu Zhenyi flatly denied it. Although Atobe Keigo's sentence was not gorgeous, it hurt her a lot and made her depressed for a while, but she didn't lie at the moment. She really doesn't want to go on like this. She wants to change other people's opinions about her. Or she wants to be like an ordinary Japanese girl, beautiful and delicate, and live as she likes. 。” Listening to what the girl said very seriously, Liu Lian-er nodded his head. Can I join your support group then? Others are very troublesome. “……。” Join his support group? Hearing Liu Zhenyi say so, Liu Lian-er paused, and for a moment, he felt his heart beating very fast, and his face seemed a little hot. Is it all right? Seeing that the boy around him did not respond, Liu Zhenyi asked. Ok. ” "Thank you so much!" Hearing the other party's promise, Liu Zhenyi raised his hands wrapped in gauze and made a gesture of folding, then said: "Speaking of you, you are also a good man." "What do you mean you're a good man?" Liu Lian-er obviously doesn't like this statement. When I first arrived in Japan, I really didn't like you at all, but after getting along with you, I thought you were good. "Oh." With a low chuckle, Liu Lian-er turned to look at Liu Zhenyi and said, "When you first came here, I didn't like you either." "And now?" "Now I'm happy..". Not bad Finding ambiguity in the words, Liu Lian-er stiffly changed her words. What "I feel all right about you now." As soon as Liu Zhen turned his head and stared at Liu Lian'er, he glared at him and asked, "What do you mean it's all right?"? What does that mean? "It's all right." What's wrong with him? By the street lamp beside the street, Liu Zhenyi found that the other side's face was a little strange. I feel a little embarrassed, but I feel like I'm angry. Moreover, Liu Lian-er not only did not look at her, but also avoided the topic. Is there anything wrong with what she did? Or is he dissatisfied with her in the process of getting along? So thinking, Liu Zhenyi hurriedly asked: "What's wrong?"? Why are you angry? If I don't do something well, just say it. It doesn't matter. "I'm not angry." "You're angry. You're angry the way you are." “……。” Seeing that Liu Lian's two faces were expressionless and did not answer the question, Liu Zhenyi secretly curled his tongue. He was really angry. He was really stingy. If he really didn't do well, just say it directly. Why did he do this. Liu Zhenyi smacked his lips and decided to say something else. "By the way, I just heard Feng Changtaro apologize to you." "Did you hear that?" "Well, I heard it in the women's soup.". Are you going to forgive him? Liu Zhenyi did not hide the situation at that time, anyway,smart board interactive whiteboard, even if she did not say, Liu Lian-er probably understood what was going on, otherwise how could he speak out at that time.

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