Samsung - BIG CHANGES!

Samsung - BIG CHANGES!
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07 December 2021

Samsung is the biggest smartphone company in  the world and in general one of the biggest tech   companies ever with its products ranging  from smartphones to washing machines to   tvs and more.

Ever since 2017, Samsung had  three sub-divisions - Consumer Electronics,   Device Solutions, and Mobile & IT — and each  of them was headed by separate CEOs.  Samsung - BIG CHANGES! But today, in the biggest reshuffle since  2017, Samsung has decided to marge the   mobile division with consumer electronics  into a new arm called SET which means the   company will have only have two divisions: Device  Solutions, which is the semiconductors business,   and a new SET Division that includes mobile,  TVs, and consumer electronics. Samsung - BIG CHANGES!Each division   will be headed by a single CEO and Jong-Hee Han  will be the chief of the SET division.

Han was   an important player in building up Samsung’s  place in the TV industry. But interestingly he   has never worked on mobile devices. So we'll  have to wait and see how this turns out.  

But this also means DJ Koh and TM Roh are  no longer the head of their businesses.   Samsung didn't provide any information about  their respective roles in the company but I'm sure   they'll keep working for Samsung in one way or  another. As such, when the next Galaxy Unpacked   event rolls around, we may have some new faces  to get familiar with.

Whether they’ll prove as   charismatic as DJ Koh has, remains to be seen. With that said, Oppo showcased a new concept   phone with a retractable camera that  allows the lens to physically move in   and out. Now some of you might be wondering, Well, The retractable camera may allow OPPO to   offer real optical zoom from the main camera  without having to use a secondary telephoto or   periscope lens. Since the lens is physically  moving you're getting a real zoom, unlike the   periscope zoom that uses a prism that changes the  direction of light perpendicular to the sensor.  

Thereby the zoom quality on this camera is  going to be better than the periscope lens.   Not only that but there's no need for  an additional 3x telephoto camera for   short-range zoom since this camera is good  for both short and long-range zoom. Oppo   also shows that it's water-resistant and has fall  detection technology that would presumably protect   the retractable camera module from accidental  falls and drops when it’s in active use.   They didn't share any more detail but probably  will on December 14th at their event.  

Anyway, here's the first official look at the  marketing material of Google's new smartwatch the   Pixel watch. We've seen unofficial renders of  the watch already a few months ago but this is   the first time we're seeing an actual image of  the watch courtesy of front page tech. Honestly,   it kind of looks like the Galaxy Watch 4 but has  a bezel-less design and the bezels are curved   around the edges, similar to the Apple Watch. To  be honest, this is going to be the best-looking   smartwatch around when it officially launches.  Speaking of which we don't have any info on when   Google is planning to launch this watch. 

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