Samsung confirmed the end of the Galaxy Note line

Samsung confirmed the end of the Galaxy Note line
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23 November 2020

There are multiple reports out there suggesting that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the final Galaxy Note phone as Samsung has reportedly decided to end the Galaxy Note line.

Samsung hasn't even started the development of the Galaxy Note 21 which makes people say that the Note line is ending this year. But some people don't want to believe it, they think it's not true for some reason. But today we have another report from South Korea which reveals new information about the Z Fold 3 as well as confirms the rumors that we will indeed are not going to see the Galaxy Note 21.

According to them, a Samsung official has confirmed the news that they are not working on the Galaxy Note 21 but instead the focus will be shifted to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

As a Note fan, this breaks my heart and surely Samsung is going to have a hard time competing with other brands in mid-year launches because foldables are still a niche market, and the Z Fold 3 is still a couple of years away from taking the Galaxy Note's spot.

On the other hand, it's good for the future of the Galaxy Z Fold line because the majority of the Note fans are now going to buy the Galaxy Z Folds which inturn will increase the market share of foldable phones and at the same time will increase their profit share.

Anyway, the report also mentions that Samsung has developed the final sample of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for production, and they will launch it in June 2021. Yes, that's two months earlier than the Z Fold 2 which was launched in August.

The Galaxy S21 will also see daylight less than a year after the S20 family, so in a way, the early Z Fold 3 release makes perfect sense.

You might wonder what Samsung is going to do for the remainder of the year. Well, the S21 FE will be launched either in September or October, and they might even launch the Z Fold FE at the same time.

Anyway, unlike the Galaxy S21 Ultra which doesn't have a dedicated S Pen slot, the Z Fold 3 on the other hand will have one. And that's a good thing because not having a slot for it on the S21 Ultra is so stupid in my opinion because no one's going to carry the Pen with them all the time. Plus you have to buy it separately on the S21 Ultra, so I think the majority may prefer not to use the S Pen at all instead of paying extra for it.

But S Pen makes sense for the Z Fold 3 for the fact that there will be a dedicated slot thus it will be an integral part of the phone and since the display is going to be bigger there's more room for productivity. The report also mentions that the final production unit has the under-display camera technology and a better ultra-thin glass which is said to have already passed the company's tests for flexibility, long-term durability, and resistance to S Pen scratches. So the bottom line the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is launching in June two months earlier than usual.

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