Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra - YES, FINALLY!

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra - YES, FINALLY!
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12 September 2021

The existence of the Galaxy Note has been a hot topic of discussion for the past year. We've been seeing some conflicting reports about it, some said the Galaxy Note is officially over we're not going to see another Note going forward.

While other reports mentioned that Samsung is just taking a year off, the Galaxy Note will come back next year. But there wasn't a concrete report about it. Yes, Samsung's CEO DJ Koh did mention that he could bring back the Note next year. But the recent events I mean the record sales of their new foldables brought back the talks of whether or not Samsung still has the plans of launching the Galaxy Note 22 next year.

Well, today we have some interesting development regarding the future of the Note series and it's coming from none other than Ice Universe. He says:

someone in the supply chain has seen the evidence of the next Galaxy Note.

This is big news for the Note fans because we finally have something that tells us the Galaxy Note 22 actually exists. I know we're taking Ice Universe at face value here but this guy has some pretty solid sources inside Samsung. So even though it's not concrete evidence but we'll take it. Honestly, there's no need for Samsung to ditch the Note because it can co-exist with the Galaxy Z Fold series. After all, it's the only Samsung phone to still have housing for the S Pen. And in the future, if foldables take over, Samsung can just transform the Galaxy Note into rollable phones which is going to be the next hot piece of tech.

Anyway, DJ Koh said at the investor's meeting that they will change the launch schedule of the Note, which means the Note 22 may not launch in August as usual, that slot I guess will be reserved for the foldables now. But in any case, the Galaxy Note lives on and that will be a huge sigh of relief for the Note fans. With that said, Samsung has filed another patent for the S Pen with a camera inside for selfies. But this time, you can detach the camera from the S Pen to take photos from any angle you want.

To be honest, even though the idea sounds good but it's not going to happen anytime soon or ever. Just because... It's too much work for little to no return. You already have two cameras on the phone on the front and back, why would you need another on the styus. Also, Companies file for patents all the time and only a fraction of them actually goes into the production line. So this is one of those patents that will likely never go into the production line.

Anyway, in 2018, the Galaxy Note 9 was the smartphone of the year. It had everything you could ask for, a headphone jack, a MicroSD card slot, a bigger battery, top of the line specs, the Note 9 is one of the best made Galaxy Notes ever. This week, this beloved member of that family is one step closer to its end as Samsung has downgraded the support for the device. Samsung has officially removed the Galaxy Note 9 from its list of monthly updates and has been moved to a quarterly update schedule. This should last around a year, after which Samsung will likely reduce the phone's update frequency to biannual for another year before discontinuing support completely. 

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