Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Refurbished Price List

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Refurbished Price List
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10 January 2023

A refurbished phone is an ideal choice for Samsung fans looking to get the latest Samsung flagship smartphone at a lower cost. Refurbished models offer all the same features and performance you'd expect from Samsung's latest release, but for much less than buying it brand new. With prices starting as low as $400, there’s never been a better time to get a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Here is a list of places you can get refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.

Samsung Official Store

At Samsung’s official store, you can find a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished model for prices as low as $400. That’s an unbeatable price compared to buying a new device and saving hundreds of dollars. Not only that, Samsung’s official store offers a 12-month warranty on refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus devices so that you can buy them with peace of mind.


You can also find Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished mobiles at online retailers like Amazon and eBay for prices as low as $350. While these are third-party sellers, shopping through Amazon gives you access to the same 12-month warranty Samsung’s official store offers. So, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus at a bargain price and still have peace of mind.


For those who prefer shopping through a third party, Swappa is a great option for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished models. Prices start at around $400, and they even offer an extended warranty on some of their devices.

Carrier Stores

Finally, if you’re looking for even more flexibility in terms of cost, carrier stores like AT&T also offer Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus refurbished models for prices from $300 to $400. While you won’t get Samsung's 12-month warranty with these devices, carrier stores offer their in-store warranties that help protect your purchase.

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