Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - GOOD NEWS

Alex Alex 06 June
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - GOOD NEWS

The Galaxy S21 series is one of the ambitious launches that Samsung has done, and all three phones are doing well in the market as far as reception is concerned. However, Samsung is also planning on launching the Galaxy S21 FE in a couple of months along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - GOOD NEWS

The Fan Edition smartphones are usually the same as the original but with some corners cut to keep the price down. Last year's Galaxy S20 Fan Edition brought a flat screen along with a plastic back, but considering how the base Galaxy S21 this year is already offering these things, I'm not really sure how Samsung will be cutting more corners. We already know what the device will look like thanks to the CAD renders, and it basically looks identical to the Galaxy S21. We also know the specifications of the handset, and it's also almost similar to the S21 except it offers a little bigger screen size and a little smaller battery.

The one thing that we have not heard so far is the price, and although people were expecting that the phone is going to cost the same as its predecessors the S20 FE, the latest report talks about something else, and optimistic. According to a report from South Korea, the Galaxy S21 FE is expected to be priced between 700,000 won to 800,000 won which if you translate is roughly around $625 to $715. For comparison, the Galaxy S20 FE last year was priced at 900000 won in South Korea. So this means the S21 FE will be $100 to $200 cheaper than the S20 FE which is great news.

To give you some more context, the 5G version of the S20 FE last year had a $700 price tag, so considering the report, I would expect Samsung to price the S21 FE at $599 which is a good price since the S21 still costs a couple of hundred dollars more. With that said, it's guaranteed at this point that the Z Fold 3 will have an under-display camera. Ice universe is shedding more light on this. He says that the under-display camera tech on the Z Fold 3 is better than any other implementations seen so far, the light transmittance through the display onto the camera sensor is actually more than 40%. He even mentions that the quality of the front camera is as good as the conventional front cameras.

One of the ways Samsung is able to achieve this is by removing the polarizer layer from the top of the display and using a different layer that's multiple times thinner. This also helps the display to go brighter than before since the layer won't absorb as much light as before and as a result, the battery life will be better. Now, Unfortunately, there is still a trade-off. Ice Universe says that the camera is not perfectly disguised and the display kind of looks like a mosaic around that area. He even included an image to tell us what he's talking about.

Now, we'll have to wait and see if this something that you'll notice in all conditions or in some special cases such as in direct sunlight. Anyway, Ross young contrary to previous reports says the Z Fold 3 will be thicker than the Z Fold 2. That's because of the digitizer Samsung has to put beneath the display to enable the S Pen functionality. 

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