Samsung Galaxy S22 - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!

Samsung Galaxy S22 - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!
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13 July 2021

The fascination with speed has been the core catalyst behind the advancements in computing hardware. Faster processors not just make existing tasks faster, but also enable new features that would not have been possible previously. However, there's a downside with all this computing power and its heat.

If you put a lot of electricity inside a silicon chip that doesn't do any physical work, there's only one thing all that energy can turn to, and that's heat. As an Engineer, I can say that cooling is about as important as the overall performance of the computer. If you don't cool all your components properly, it will result in overheating and reduced performance aka throttling. By not cooling your components correctly, you are literally getting less out of your hardware than you paid for. It's why desktop computers are better than laptops at sustained workloads because they can dissipate all that heat better and keep working at full speed.

Now, you might have heard a million times by now that Samsung's new chipset on the Galaxy S22 is faster than the competition, especially the AMD GPU. But what's the use of all this computing power if the phone starts throttling just 10 minutes after you start using a resource-hungry app or play games at max settings.

That's why it's important to have a good cooling system for the phone to perform better at sustained workloads, and that's the reason Samsung has decided to use a vapor chamber cooling solution for the Galaxy S22 lineup.

For those who don't know, Vapor chamber cooling works by evaporating liquid, typically water, with heat coming from the phone’s internal components. Samsung Galaxy S22 - GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!That then spreads the heat across the whole phone and means there’s less risk of the device itself overheating. Most of the gaming phones use vapor chamber cooling and that's the reason they perform at their full potential for a longer period of time compared to the mainstream flagships. Interestingly, Samsung isn't new to this either. In fact, they were the first ones to use vapor cooling in phones and some units of S20 and Note 20 had this cooling tech but not on all units. They stopped using it on the S21 for some reason. Instead, they used graphite.

Now, it's possible they will use a bigger vapor cooling chamber to dissipate heat more efficiently, as we're getting reports that early units of AMD GPUs are generating excess heat. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. 

I know that a lot of you are fans of expandable storage options, and you were asking whether or not the S21 FE has one? Well, the handset has been certified through the TENAA agency, and it mentions the handset will have 128 and 256 GB storage variants along with the support for a microSD card slot. But weirdly enough, the maximum card supported is only 256 GB.

Now whether or not this is an error on the certification part is remains to be seen, but even a 256 GB expandable storage option is good news nonetheless. Evan Blass has revealed all the devices Samsung is gearing up to launch at the Unpacked Event on August 11th. These are the official 360 degrees rendered videos that cover all the color variants of the upcoming foldable smartphones, smartwatches, and earbuds. If you have been following my recent videos then nothing here is surprising. 

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