Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - COMPLETE DOMINATION!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - COMPLETE DOMINATION!
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29 June 2021

We're 8 months away from the launch of the Galaxy S22 lineup yet the handset keeps making headlines in the tech world, partially due to the fact that the phone will be the first handset in the world to feature new graphics from AMD. AMD at the Computex already confirmed that the new Exynos chipset will get high-end gaming features found on the PS5 and Xbox Series X those are ray tracing and variable rate shading which should help it carve out a place amongst the upper echelons of the best gaming phones.

So we know the Galaxy S22 will feature powerful graphics but what we don't know is how it stacks up against the best and the most powerful phones out there. Well, that changes today as this AMD GPU has appeared in a GPU benchmarking site called 3D mark. Ice Universe tweeted that Samsung is currently testing the AMD GPU on Exynos and it scores 8134 on the wildlife test on 3D mark which is the highest score a smartphone was able to achieve on the benchmark site.Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - COMPLETE DOMINATION! They are using a two-year-old Cortex A77 CPU for this test and not the latest ones that ARM unveiled recently. So the final chipset could offer even better graphics performance as the latest Cortex-X2 and Cortex-A710 CPU cores are much faster than the Cortex-A77 cores used in this test.

Anyway, it also shows the average frame rate as 50 which again is the highest for any smartphone. Now how does this compare to the latest Snapdragon 888, Exynos 2100, and Apple's A14 bionic? Well, the Snapdragon-equipped Galaxy S21 Ultra has a score of 5177 and 31 frames per second while the Exynos 2100 variant has a score of 5295. It's remarkable just how far the divide is between the AMD GPU and the current Android chipsets.

Notably, the new Samsung chip also beats Apple's A14 Bionic chip, which scored 7668 with an average frame rate of 40fps. Interestingly, The M1 chipset scores around 17,000 points in this test, that's almost twice as much. But the thing is, M1 will never make it to the iPhones because it's meant for much bigger devices with more room for cooling and heat dissipation. Now, a good GPU and even the CPU on a smartphone is one that doesn't see many performance drop-offs. Snapdragon chips are good in this as they have a great sustained performance. Apple is known to target “peak” over “sustained” performance when it comes to the GPU, so the performance drops when you play games for an extended period of time on iPhones is high.

Now, whether or not AMD takes Snapdragon's approach or Apple's approach will remain to be seen. But nonetheless, it's good to see an Android chipset beating Apple’s best smartphone chipset in graphics performance. Samsung is expected to announce its new Exynos chip in July and right now the chip is an absolute beast elevating the gaming level of Android phones to an all-time high.

We have some more official images of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that show the handset in different colors. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - COMPLETE DOMINATION!Nothing here is really surprising as we already know how these are supposed to look. But what's interesting though is that the cover display shows August 11 which seems like the official Unpacked Event date as the device’s display in the renders usually mentions the exact date of its launch event. So the past info about them keeping the event on August 3rd is probably not true.

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