Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It Evolved

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It Evolved
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18 February 2022

Samsung's S series phones have always  been android's main iPhone competitor,  and it has been that way ever since the  very first galaxy s device launched back   in 2010. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra  being their latest S series phone   let's take a look at how the handset in  this lineup has evolved over the years.

Galaxy S

The original galaxy s was launched in 2010 and it  was an instant success with the company selling   over 25 million units of the handset Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It Evolvedit had a  4-inch display which was considered large at   that time. 4 gigs of ram 8 gigs of base storage  android 2.1 eclairs out of the box and 1500   milliamp hours battery. Although Samsung  had made smartphones before the galaxy s,   this was a true push for a higher-end device and   the global reputation that had eluded what  is now the world's top smartphone brand.  

Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe S2 was quite a success for Samsung,  with over 40 million units have been sold.   it had a large 4.3 AMOLED display and a  rather capable camera for the time with   an 8-megapixel main sensor. It provided  an improvement in build quality over the   galaxy s even though the phone was  still made out of polycarbonate. 

Galaxy S3

By this time, it was already clear the S  series was android's flagship offering.   Samsung managed to sell an impressive 70  million s3 units. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedIt saw a considerable   bump in display size over the s2, with a  4.8-inch HD display. one gig of ram and   2000 milliamp hours battery. It looked different  than the previous two devices as it was rounder   and had a thinner home button and was one  of the best looking phones at that time .

Galaxy S4

The s4 resembled the s3 quite a lot but with some  trimmed-down bezels. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe display size went up to   five inches with an FHD resolution. There was an  increase in camera megapixels to13 and a 2600mAh   battery. Samsung sold 80 million units of  the s4 making it the best-selling Android   phone of all time. A record that  still hasn't been broken yet.

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It Evolved The s5 also had a similar design as the  S4 but a lot of people didn't like the   back texture it was kind of triphophobic  in nature. it was also the very first time   the s series phone offered a fingerprint  scanner but the sales didn't increase this   time and they sold 40 percent fewer  units than what they anticipated.  

Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe s6 changed things. It introduced many  new things in the S series. They launched   two s handsets at the same time s6 and s6 edge  the latter had curved displays on both sides.   Samsung went with a glass back  and metal frame for the first time   upping the quality substantially. It also  had wireless charging quad HD displays   for the very first time and more. But there  were some controversial decisions as well   namely removable batteries were gone and it had  no micro-sd card slot. Samsung never declared   the sales numbers but reports suggest they  sold around 45 million units in total  

Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedAfter receiving a lot of criticism Samsung brought  back MicroSD expansion on the s7 and s7 edge they   both look similar to the previous iteration but  the design was fine-tuned and the edge variant had   a massive 5.5-inch display. The sales were pretty  good with over 60 million units sold worldwide  

Galaxy S8 | S8+

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe s8 and s8 plus mainstream the whole bezel-less  trend. The phones looked absolutely beautiful and   futuristic at the time, the home button was gone  and the fingerprint scanner was moved to the back.   The display size went over 6 inches for the first  time and introduced features like Dex. Samsung   never declared any official sales figures but the  s8 is branded a huge success for the company.

Galaxy S9 | S9+

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe s9 looked almost identical to the  s8 but the s9 plus had a dual camera   with a physical variable aperture, They sold  over 45 million units of these handsets but   did not sell as well as the s8 previously did.

Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G

 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It Evolved With the s10, Samsung launched four  devices right out of the bat they   offered quite substantial upgrades  both in design as well as in features.   Samsung went with the edge-to-edge display  with a punch-hole selfie camera. They also   featured the world's first in-display  ultrasonic fingerprint scanner a rather   large display and it was also the first time  the price went over a thousand dollars.

Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedSamsung skipped the 11 and went straight to 20 as  a way of positioning the new line of phones with   the new decade. With the s10 family, Samsung tried  to give budget-minded shoppers a good option with   the s10e however the company took things in the  opposite direction with the S20. It eliminated the   e-model and introduced a much more premium variant  the s20 ultra. And it was everything but a kitchen   sink device. 120Hz display, periscope zoom, 8K  video recording, you name it everything was there   except the headphone jack making it the first  S series phone to miss the beloved feature.  

Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe s21 Ultra was more like an iterative upgrade.  But there were some welcome additions notably the   S Pen support, a larger fingerprint  scanner, an improved periscope zoom,   and more. But there were some controversial  decisions as well. Namely the introduction   of plastic back on the S21, and the removal  of the MicroSD card slot. But despite that,   the S21 Ultra was the best phone the company  has made until we got the S22 Ultra.  

Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Here's How It EvolvedThe Galaxy S22 Ultra saw arguably the  biggest change in the S series lineup.   Samsung merged the S and the Note series and made  this superphone that many are already calling the   best phone Samsung has ever made. It's basically  a Note with the S moniker so you have all the   beloved Note features such as a built-in S pen,  boxy design, and more. The company focused mainly   on the AI with this handset and we can see it  making a big difference in the camera quality.   Also after facing a lot of criticism last year,  the company brought back the glass back on the   regular S22. All in all, there are plenty  of other features Samsung carried over from   its previous flagships, but breaking them  down here would take forever. But in short,   the S22 Ultra is the best offering Android has to  offer in 2022. 

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