Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Will Make Note Fans Happy

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - This Will Make Note Fans Happy
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10 December 2021

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a dedicated  slot for the S Pen just like the Galaxy Note   smartphones. Not only that but it also looks like  the Galaxy Note phones with that boxier-looking   design.

Recently we heard that despite this  phone being a direct successor to the Galaxy   Note 20 Ultra, Samsung has apparently going  to name it the Galaxy S22 Ultra instead.   But turns out that may not be true.

According to this tipster who has a   decent track record, the phone would  actually be called the Galaxy S22   Note instead.

This contradicts Ice Universe who  was apparently 100% confident that the phone   would be called the Galaxy S22 Ultra. I guess  we'll have to wait and see who's right.   But I would be totally okay if they call it  the S22 Note instead of the S22 Ultra because   it's literally a Note handset.

Besides, it would  make more sense from a marketing point of view   because they can easily market this phone as  a return of Galaxy Note, and having a Note   in the name would make it much easier for the  marketing team to spread the message across.  

Anyway, we have new information about the  storage configurations of all the Galaxy S22   variants. According to this tipster who has a  good track record and who's citing the retails,  

the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will start at 128GB as  base storage while the S22 Note or S22 Ultra   will start at 256GB as the base and will go all  the way up to 512GB. There won't be an expandable   storage option with either of the S22 variants. 

Interestingly the S22 and S22+ will be offered   with a single 8GB RAM variant while the S22  Note will be offered in 12 and 16GB options.   With that said, all the S22 models have appeared  on the FCC certification site which reveals an   interesting detail.

Both the Galaxy S22+ and  S22 Note will feature Ultrwawideband chip   which has many practical applications like fast  data transfer, can be used to unlock a car like   a key fob, or enable entrance to a secure  area within a building, and many more.   But the base Galaxy S22 will not feature this  chip likely to keep the costs down. This year,   only the S21 Ultra featured this chip, so it's  an upgrade for the S22+ in that regard.  

Moving on, we also have a price and  storage-related information about   Samsung's next flagship tablets. According  to this tipster again, all the Tab S8 models   will start at 8GB RAM and 128GB base storage but  only the Tab S8 Ultra has 12GB RAM and 512GB of   storage configurations. There's not much to choose  from as far as the color options are concerned   with black and grey being the only option. As far as the price is concerned, according to   a South Korean leaker, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra  will start at 1.39 million won which is about   $1180. But direct currency conversion doesn't make  sense here, so if I were to guess it should be   between $1049 and $1099 in the United States. The Tab S8 Ultra will be a massive upgrade   offering thin bezels, a 14.6" 120Hz display, a  12000mAh battery, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset,   improved rear and front cameras, and much more. 

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