Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Yes, A Special Edition

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Yes, A Special Edition
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19 November 2022

A couple of days ago Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which is a massive upgrade over last year's chipset with improvements in performance, efficiency, and AI, as well as bringing new features on board.

Now, you see Snapdragon chips aren't just exclusive to Samsung. Other Android OEM's also use this chipset, which means Samsung doesn't really have an advantage over their Android competitors when it comes to performance. But that will no longer be the case with the Galaxy S23 lineup because the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip on the S23 will be more powerful than what Samsung's Android peers will use giving Samsung a real competitive advantage over their competition.

Ice Universe says that the special edition of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which is going to be exclusive to Samsung will have a clock speed of 3.36GHz

Which is more than the 3.2GHz Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that Qualcomm unveiled a couple of days ago. Not only that, but the GPU clock speed is also higher by almost 40MHz. This is one of the reasons why Qualcomm didn't mention Samsung in the list of companies using their regular Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at the event because they are the only ones to use a special edition Snapdragon chip. It's the first time we're seeing Qualcomm making a special chipset for any company and the reason is pretty simple. This is business.

Samsung sells over 50 million flagship phones every year, which is 10 times more than their closest rival. The fact that Samsung is giving up their own Exynos chip in favor of Snapdragon means Qualcomm's business will increase dramatically. So Qualcomm is returning the favor by giving Samsung a superior chipset, which is great news for Samsung users.

Now, we have evidence of this as well. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Yes, A Special EditionThe Galaxy S23 Ultra on Geekbench shows a 3.36GHz clock speed while Xiaomi's upcoming flagship phone is clocked at 3.19Ghz. Speaking of Geekbench, this listing is for Europe and it basically confirms 100% that Europe is getting the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

As I've said earlier, not just Europe, but every country will also get the Snapdragon chip this time instead of the inferior Exynos. Finally, we also have an update on the fingerprint scanner of the S23 Ultra.

A lot of people were asking whether or not the S23 Ultra will get the new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that covers almost the entire bottom half of the display. Well, the answer is no. We have a leaked screen protector that confirms the fingerprint scanner will be of the same size as the one on the S22 Ultra. To be honest, the fingerprint scanner on the S22 Ultra is fast and accurate and basically, it's flawless. It's as good as the capacitive scanners we had in the past. Yes, a bigger scanning area would have been cool but considering people have no problems with the current version, I can see why they don't want to include a bigger one that will increase the production costs. 

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