Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - Taking A Page Out Of Apple's Book

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - Taking A Page Out Of Apple's Book
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14 May 2022

Samsung will launch two new Galaxy watch this  year, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro or Ultra.   They will offer the Watch 5 in two sizes, while  the Watch 5 Pro will only be offered in one.  

We've been hearing great things about the Watch  5 Pro such as a humongous battery almost double   that of the Watch 4. Today, we are hearing  some more great things about the new watch   which suggests Samsung is taking a page out  of Apple's book for the Watch 5 Pro.  

Ice Universe reveals that the Watch 5 Pro  will have a titanium case instead of Aluminum   and Stainless steel on the watch 4 and classic.  Titanium is a premium material, and it's stronger   than both Aluminum and stainless steel, but at  the same time, it's also lighter than stainless   steel. We hardly see any wearOS watches with  Titanium build, so this is going to be a nice   and premium differentiating factor for the Watch  5 Pro. But Apple's latest Watch does come with a   Titanium variant, so there's that.

Anyway, Ice Universe also reveals that   the Watch 5 Pro will also have a sapphire  glass instead of gorilla glass. The benefit   of sapphire glass is that it is essentially  scratch-proof, giving smartwatches that use   the material excellent durability. So basically  the Watch 5 Pro is going to be the most durable   mainstream smartwatch ever made so far.

By the way, Apple also offers a sapphire   glass Apple Watch variant but it's not a pure  Saphhire glass, and although it's more durable   and scratch-resistant than the Gorilla glass,  it's not totally scratchproof. So we'll have to   wait and see what type of Saphhire Samsung  is going to use for the Watch 5 Pro.

  Now, the thing with using premium materials is  that the price is going to go up. We don't have   any details about that yet but let's hope  they don't go insane with the prices.  

Ice Universe also mentions that the Watch 5  Pro will not have reduced bezels something we   all were looking forward to. Instead, he says the  bezels are even thicker which probably is done to   house that big battery but looking at that Apple Watch, I was so hoping for a bezelless Watch 5   this year, but I guess Samsung has other plans.

Speaking of disappoints, that temperature sensor   which would measure the body temperature and was  rumored for the Watch 5 as well as the new Apple   Watch will not happen according to Ming-Chi  Kuo. Neither Samsung nor Apple figured out a   way to make it work accurately because the skin  temperature depends on the external environment   and needs an excellent algorithm to work  accurately. Which is not possible for now.  

Anyway, moving to the Pixel watch, Google will use  a 4-year-old chipset for their new Pixel Watch.   It will use the Exynos 9110, a Samsung chip that  was first released in 2018. Worst of all it's a   10nm chipset used in the original Galaxy Watch and  it's honestly a shame that Google is using it in   2022 with their first-ever Smartwatch.

Now, some of you may wonder but why...Well   according to 9to5Google, Google has been  working on the Pixel Watch for a few years now,   and all of the development is based on this older  processor. Switching to the newest platform will   cause the watch to be delayed even further. Of course with that said, for all the latest   updates on the Watch 5

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