Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra - Samsung Is Going All Out

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra - Samsung Is Going All Out
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11 April 2022

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the best smartwatch  for anyone who owns a Samsung phone thanks to   its amazing display, design, faster chips, and  of course a host of unique health features. It   marks the return of Samsung to wearOS after using  their own Tizen OS for years. And I absolutely   loved this move because it allowed the Galaxy  watch to access those millions of Android apps,   and ecosystem, that Tizen lacked.

I've been using  the Watch 4 for a while now and the experience   I've had so far is very positive. But that  doesn't mean it has no drawbacks. In fact,   there's a big one, and it's the battery. It has  a relatively short battery life, which typically   lasts for between 24 and 26 hours, which is way  less than the Watch 3 which lasts 2 to 3 days.  

Now, the Galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 Active  scheduled to launch in August along with the   Z Fold 4 will have bigger batteries.  According to the certification sites,   both of the Watch 5 variants will get around a  10% increase in battery capacities which is good   as it will surely help increase the battery life.  But for many, it's still not going to be enough   and for those Samsung has a big surprise  in the form of a Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra.  

Samsung recently introduced the Ultra variant to  the Tablet lineup, their phones already have one   and it only makes sense that their smartwatch  lineup has an Ultra variant too. Sammobile   discovered through a Korean certification that  this Ultra variant of the Galaxy Watch 5 has a   mammoth 572mAh of battery which is a lot in  a device that has a small round form factor.   To give you some context, the largest variant of  the Watch 4 has a 361mAh of battery. So this means   the Watch 5 Ultra will have a nearly 60% bigger  battery than the Watch 4 which is insane.

  Sammobile is calling this the Galaxy Watch  5 Pro which I'm sure is not going to happen.   Considering Samsung's naming scheme, it will  be called the Watch 5 Ultra instead.   Now, since the battery is getting bigger, the  overall form factor is also expected to get bigger   which means we may see an increase in screen  size. Since Apple reduced the bezels on their   latest Watch, expect Samsung to do the same.  Unfortunately, the report didn't mention any other   details but we know from earlier reports that  the Galaxy watch 5 lineups will get a thermometer   sensor to measure your body temperature for even  more complete health and fitness tracking.  

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