Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - A Huge Upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - A Huge Upgrade
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We're still nearly 4 months away from the launch of Samsung's next foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4, but leaks about these upcoming devices have already started popping up. For instance, earlier this week, we learned that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will feature the same 3x telephoto lens as the Galaxy S22 series which is a nice step up from the measly 2x telephoto camera on the Z Fold 3. And today we have an even more promising leak that brings the camera setup of the Z Fold 4 closer to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

According to this tipster who has a good track record, the main camera on the Z Fold 4 will be the same one on the S22 Ultra and that is 108MP. So this basically means the Z Fold 4 will have the same camera setup as the S22 Ultra except for the periscope zoom lens. The S22 Ultra is widely considered to have the best camera on any smartphone available today so this is great news for the potential Z Fold 4 buyers as for the first time ever, the cameras on the new foldable match its premium price.

Now, even though there's no periscope zoom lens here, you can be sure Samsung will put a 30x space zoom capability just like the S22 and S22+. Now, we have another report coming from a big South Korean publication business Korea that mentions the Z Fold 4 will not have an under-display fingerprint scanner. It will be mounted on the power button at the side just like on the Z Fold 3.

To be honest, the in-display fingerprint scanner on a foldable doesn't make much sense in my opinion because it requires two fingerprint scanners outside and inside which adds up to the overall cost of the handset. Whereas a side-mounted scanner allows users to easily unlock their phone in both closed and open states, only requiring one fingerprint scanner in the first place.

So it's actually good news that they are sticking with a side-mounted scanner. So a few years ago, the iPad Pro broke like a biscuit with just a little amount of force in Zach's durability test. Considering it was just 5.9mm thick it was not really that surprising that it failed to survive the bend test. So when Samsung launched The Tab S8 Ultra which features a large 14.6-inch display in a ridiculous 5.5mm thin chassis, literally everyone thought Zach would destroy this poor thing.

But to everyone's surprise, the Tab S8 Ultra despite the record-breaking thinness, survived Zach's bending test with no damage whatsoever. No matter how much force he could apply, it remained in one piece and fully functional by the end of the video which is really impressive. Probably it has to do with the new armored aluminum frame that Samsung has used for the new tablet. 

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