Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - EXCLUSIVE

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - EXCLUSIVE
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07 July 2022

If you think you know everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 then hold your horses, I know something about the Z Fold 4 that totally contradicts arguably the biggest leaker in the industry. You see, we've been hearing there will be some design changes in the Z Fold 4.

Notably, it will be a little wider than its predecessor, the bezels are going to be a little thinner, the skinnier hinge as well and overall it's going to be a lighter phone which I can confirm is totally true. But there's one area of the phone where the leaks have gotten it totally wrong, and it's the camera. You see Onleaks shared this render of the Z Fold 4 a few weeks ago where he showed that the phone's camera design will be inspired by the S22 Ultra meaning it will ditch the camera bump altogether, and instead will opt for a flat back with each of its lenses protruding from the back of the phone similar to the S22 Ultra. But that is not going to happen. I have exclusive information that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have almost the same camera design as its predecessor, the Z Fold 3. So basically the most apparent design change that we saw in Onleaks's renders is not happening.

To be honest, I have a fixed feeling about this because, on one hand, I like the camera design of the S22 Ultra but on the other, I hate that it collects dust around the lenses. I keep my pockets clean so my S22 Ultra rarely accumulates dust but if you don't then it becomes a little annoying to clean around those edges which by the way is not going to be an issue on the Z Fold 4. But then again it also means that it will look almost identical to the Z Fold 3 which some of you may not like. But the good news is, I can confirm the main camera will indeed going to be 50MP, with the other two at 12MP each. With that said, we have another good news but this time coming from ETNews, a well-known Korean website.

You see arguably the biggest complaint people have with Samsung's foldables is their high price tag. Right now, the Z Fold costs $1700 while the Flip costs $1000 which is the biggest reason foldables haven't really taken off. Samsung is looking to address that drawback with two all-new and even cheaper foldable phones. ETNews reports that Samsung will be bringing an entry-level foldable phone for under 1 million Korean won which translates to just under $770. It's likely for the Z flip lineup but the report also mentions that Samsung is also working on a larger affordable Z Fold equivalent.

So basically Samsung is looking to create a foldable version of the Galaxy A lineup with some toned-down specs which will surely help the foldable phone reach more people and hence more markets which eventually will help foldables phones become a household thing. But the report also mentions that Samsung is eying a 2024 release, so we will have to wait a couple of years to see it happen. 

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