Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - STRONGEST Zoom Camera Ever

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - STRONGEST Zoom Camera Ever
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Photo and video quality are one of the biggest  battlegrounds in modern phones. The rear camera   array of many flagship devices is crowded with  three or four lenses and at least one of these   is guaranteed to be a telephoto lens if you're  buying a modern flagship.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will   have a triple camera system but unlike the S22  Ultra, there's no periscope zoom camera here,   instead, the phone will have a 3x optical  zoom camera. And this 3x zoom camera on the   Z Fold 4 is going to be the best that Samsung  has ever put on any of their smartphones,   including the S22 Ultra.

That's according to  Ice Universe, who says the telephoto camera on   the Z Fold 4 is Samsung's strongest telephoto  camera ever, even better than the S22 Ultra.

This is great news. Personally, I take photos from  telephoto cameras all the time. In fact, I take   more photos from a telephoto camera than I take  with the main camera, and one of the reasons I do   that is photos from telephoto cameras look more  aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Even a noob   can take good photos with telephoto cameras. And  not to mention, the portrait photos look the best   when taken with a 3x zoom camera. The S22 Ultra  has the best telephoto camera I've ever used, and   now Samsung is going to include an even better one  on the Z Fold 4 makes me excited to try it out.

Now, about the main camera. Rumors said a while  ago that the Z Fold 4 will get the S22 Ultra's   108MP main camera, but it looks like that is  not happening. Ice universe says that the   handset will instead get the 50MP main camera. He  didn't mention what kind of 50MP it's going to be, but it'd be surprising if it wasn't the same one  on the S22 and S22+. It's a bit disappointing,   to be honest, but the S22 offers a  solid flagship camera experience both   in photos and videos. Particularly in low-light  photography. So I don't think the cameras are a   weak point of Samsung's foldables any more, even  though it does not feature the 108MP sensor.

With that said, we have pretty interesting  news coming from the dark side. You   see, all the major companies have decided  that USB-C is a better charging technology   and have made it a universal standard. Except for  Apple, they adamantly stuck to their lightning   port primarily because it made them a lot of money  as any third-party iPhone accessory company must   pay royalties to Apple for using the lightning  port. But recently we got to know that European   Union has passed a bill that will force Apple  to switch to the USB-C standard. But insiders   were saying that Apple will go portless  before they were forced to switch to USB-C.

But turns out that is not happening. Ming-Chi  Kuo says the iPhone 15 launching next year will   finally switch to USB-C charging standard.  He says going portless will bring a lot of   problems and challenges and they aren't ready for  that yet. So Apple will switch to USB-C instead. Honestly, this should have happened years ago  because USB-C is fundamentally better than   a lightning port, with faster charging,  faster data transfer rate, reliability,   and more. This should not need or be reliant  on government regulation in the first place.   But when a company is selfishly sticking to an  inferior technology just to make more money,   I'm actually glad that government  regulatory bodies like the EU exists. 

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