Samsung NEON - YES, Finally

Samsung NEON - YES, Finally

At CES 2020, Samsung announced NEON, a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence. Samsung NEON - YES, FinallyBasically, Neon makes video chatbots that look and act like real people. Neons aren't all-knowing smart assistants like Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant. They can't tell you the weather or how far the moon is from the surface of the earth. Instead, they're designed to have conversations and behave like real humans.

Simply put, Rather than being virtual assistants, Neons are more like virtual friends. While the idea of a virtual companion might be attractive to some, having those confined to a life-sized screen on a single wall in your house breaks the illusion it tries to offer.

But the good news NEON will be available on smartphones before the end of Christmas. The announcement was made on Twitter by Pranav Mistry, the CEO of STAR Labs. Samsung NEON - YES, FinallyHe shared photos of NEON Frame on Twitter on which Ice Universe commented asking if NEON can be used on phones. The CEO reveals that NEON was already running on his phone presumably a high-end Galaxy phone and also said that the company is testing its artificial humans on smartphones right now, and others can see it before Christmas.

So, Samsung may showcase NEON on Galaxy smartphones sometime in December 2020. NEON View is the version of the NEON coming to mobile devices.Samsung NEON - YES, Finally It can be able to learn skills and form memories, and unlike current AI assistants, this one has a face and will be able to converse and show emotions like a human.

There's no indication that NEON would be exclusively available on Samsung flagships or other brand smartphones would be able to get it as well. I guess we'll know soon enough. But this is exciting. I know some of you might say NEON is just a hype machine, it's nowhere near what the company claims it to be after watching that video from CNET where NEON looked lifeless and talked like a chatbot from the 2000s with horrible lip sink. But what the media didn't tell you back then was it wasn't NEON. The CNET reporter didn't talk to a real NEON but instead, it was a basic stripped down version of the neon with a third-party chatbot that wasn't even from the creators of NEON.


I mean Pranav Mistry said that they didn't have the time to put their own services on NEON, they put a third party chatbot to signify that companies can put third party softwares on it. The primary focus at that time was to make it look real and perform human-like expression which they successfully managed to do. Don't look at that CNET video, that was a cheap third-party chatbot, Instead what Pranav showcased on the stage is the real NEON which uses more computing power to perform tasks and expressions that is so human-like, you can't tell that it's not real.

Now, its possible Neon on mobile isn't going to be as good as they showcased at CES because of the lack of computational power on smartphones. I mean they used 128 core CPU at CES, our phones have 8 core CPU. But still curious to see what they can pull it off with this and I'm sure with time with the advancements in artificial intelligence NEON is just going to get better.

Let me know what do you think about this down in the comments.

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