Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant - OMG, It's Real

Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant - OMG, It's Real
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Virtual assistants are computer programs that perform tasks or services for an individual. It is becoming more and more popular today, but many people don't know how to build one.

Samsung has just made Sam the Samsung  girl official, and she's more than just a   theoretical virtual assistant. You  see, last year around this time,   this Samsung girl went viral as a new Virtual  assistant for Samsung phones. Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant - OMG, It's RealCalled Sam,   a cheerful, bright-eyed lady who likes  to listen to music on her Samsung phone,   play games, and text her pals, quickly became  the internet’s waifu or newest love interest,   with many suddenly becoming enamored with  her overnight.

A marketing company owned   by Samsung collaborated with Brazillian design  firm Lightfarm to make these 3D renders and at   that time many thought that Sam would replace  Bixby as a virtual assistant on our phones.  Samsung SAM Virtual Assistant - OMG, It's Real But later we found out that it's not the  case. Sam was actually meant to showcase   what a theoretical virtual assistant  could look like in human form.   But now, one year later, Samsung has actually  made her official. That's right, Samsung's Latin   America branch has made Sam, their new digital  expert.

Now, I don't have any idea what  she exactly said because, but Samsung's post says that she is a digital  expert and is not a replacement for Bixby.   Instead, she will respond to information about  the company’s devices, functions, and services   on Samsung's digital channels, social networks,  and online stores.

Samsung says Sam will play an   important role in Samsung’s awareness campaigns  aimed at young consumers, especially Gen Z.   Sam will appear in the SmartThings app  and will first provide information about   the new Freestyle smart projector and 5G  connectivity available on the Galaxy S22.

  Right now, Sam will remain exclusive  to Latin American consumers, but will   expand worldwide in the coming months. So basically, it doesn’t look like Sam will   be replacing Bixby. For now, she is just a virtual  assistant or digital expert on Samsung's digital   channels that is designed to auto-respond to  consumer questions, queries and also explain   the features of the new products. But never say  never. She could become a NEON avatar someday   and if Samsung decides to bring NEON to Galaxy  phones then Sam could indeed replace Bixby.   But that's too optimistic at this point.

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