Samsung - Yes, They Are Finally Doing It

Samsung - Yes, They Are Finally Doing It
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16 February 2022

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is yet to ship to  the consumers and we're already hearing   details about Samsung's next flagship phone.  The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a big upgrade,   which users have been asking for, but before that  let's talk about the S22 Ultra and its new haptic   feedback engine.

You probably didn’t preorder  the S22 Ultra with its haptic feedback in mind,   but it matters more than you might think. Subtle,  precise feedback can boost the perceived quality   of a phone and makes it much more enjoyable.  That's what Samsung tried to do with the S22   Ultra with its new X-axis vibration motor  the same one Apple equips in their iPhones   which by the way are known to provide the  best haptic feedback in the industry.  

Now, we have a video giving us an idea  of how big of a difference this new   motor makes compared to the S21 Ultra which  has a Z-axis vibration motor. Take a look. 

 As you heard the S22 Ultra has subtle,  precise feedback while it buzzes and   rattles on the S21 Ultra. So basically  this means when touching on-screen buttons,   dragging sliders, and more you'll get a much  more pleasant experience with the S22 Ultra.

 Moving on, you see Samsung added the S Pen  support to the Z Fold 3 last year which a lot   of people appreciated. But they didn’t provide an  integrated S Pen slot on the device. As a result,   users had to buy Samsung’s official S Pen  case to carry around the pen which was   not an optimal solution because the case added  unnecessary bulk and not much protection either.   Plus you need to buy the S Pen separately which  made the entire thing even more expensive.

  But it looks like that won't be an issue with  the Galaxy Z Fold 4. We have a new report from   a reputed South Korean publication the Elec that  Samsung will offer a dedicated slot for the S   pen on the Z Fold 4. This would significantly  expand the usability of the S Pen as users will   always have the stylus on hand. The report also  mentions that there won't be a Galaxy Note in the   second half of the year which isn't surprising  because the S22 Ultra is the new Note. 

The report also mentions that the S Pen will use  the EMR technique to attach a digitizer to the Z   Fold 4’s display. Samsung - Yes, They Are Finally Doing ItThis means the S Pen no longer  needs a battery of its own which would result in   them shrinking the size of the pen enough to  make it fit inside the phone’s chassis.  

They also shared the screen sizes of the Z Fold  4. The inner display will remain the same at 7.56"   while the outer display is shrinking marginally  by 0.01" to 6.19". This means that it will likely   have the same footprint as its predecessor  although a tad wider which to be honest,   you're not going to even notice. This is not good because we were expecting   a wider cover screen which would make it  more convenient compared to the Z Fold 3.   But it looks like that is not happening. 

Although the report didn't mention it,   previous rumors said the Z Fold 4 will also have  an updated camera setup borrowed straight from   the S22 lineup. Now we don't know if they are  borrowing the S22 Ultra's setup or the regular   S22. I guess we'll have to wait and see. The report also mentions the display sizes   of the Z Flip 4. The inner screen will remain  at 6.7" while the outer one will be increased   marginally to 1.9" from 1.83. 

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