Samsung's Rollable Phone - This Hands On Video Will Blow Your Mind

Samsung's Rollable Phone - This Hands On Video Will Blow Your Mind
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At this point, we know that rollable phones are the inevitable future of foldable smartphones. A lot of companies are working on this technology including Oppo, Xiaomi, Motorola and of course, Samsung.

The last time we talked about Samsung's rollable phone, we got to know the codename of the handset and it was reported that Samsung will launch a third phone alongside the Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 in August. A lot of people believe that this third handset is going to be the long awaited rollable phone.

Now, we'll have to wait and see if that is indeed the case, but in the meantime, Samsung has released a new video that shows how rollable phones are even more incredible than we initially thought. You see the rollable or slidable phones we've seen so far stretch from one side with the tap of a button to reveal a bigger screen. But Samsung is now showing that the future rollable phone can be stretched from both sides to reveal a much bigger and wide screen real estate.Samsung's Rollable Phone - This Hands On Video Will Blow Your Mind

Not only that Samsung is showing that they can make rollable phones that can expand in a vertical direction as well. So you have a phone of Oppo's Find N form factor stretching out to become Sony's phone form factor to give you that tall aspect ratio.

Honestly, I find rollable phones way more exciting than foldables. Although they both share a common goal which is to give people a bigger screen to work with while still keeping the device compact enough to carry around. But rollable phones are superior in my opinion because they are more practical and more scifi like, They aren't bulky and there is no problem of that crease.

Now, some of you might say they aren't as durable as foldables because the screen is exposed to the environment all the time. Well, you see, since there's no sharp folding action going on here in rollable phones, Samsung can increase the thickness of ultra-thin glass substantially to make it more resistant to scratches and dents. So durability shouldn't be a problem with these handsets.

Anyway, like I've said, there are reports that we might see Samsung reveal this phone as soon as August along with the Z Fold 4 but will that actually happen remains to be seen.

With that said, Last year, Brazil fined Apple $2 million as punishment for violating consumer laws and disrespecting Brazilian customers by not shipping chargers inside the box as authorities in Brazil claim that the charger is an “essential part” of the smartphone. And now, Samsung is finding itself in a similar situation as well. More than 900 consumer rights groups have taken legal actions against Samsung and Apple.

So it seems both these companies are in for a hefty fine in tens of millions. By the way, both Samsung and Apple also got fined $5 million in Fortaleza for the same. But then again Apple saved or made $6.5 billion in just one year by removing these accessories so I don't think these companies would even care about these little fines. 

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