Schoffel Oakham: 5 Universal Styles That Are Always Chic

Schoffel Oakham: 5 Universal Styles That Are Always Chic

Having your favorite clothing styles or your style means selecting what fashion proposes as a trend. But what fits you well and will mark your personality, make it unique, like wearing Schoffel Oakham

Despite fashion's versatility for using clothes to express who we are, it can take time to find a style or know what we want to communicate. For outdoor clothing, we present Pinewood Clothing, UK.

And on this, 5 universal fashion styles were studied and developed that usually represent the majority of people or at least serve as inspiration and basis for other styles. Be it the playful R M Williams Jeans!

Want to know your style? We prepared rich and complete content on the subject. Here you find out these universal clothing styles and their main characteristics. Check out:

What are universal fashion styles?

A fashion style does not have to be definitive, with a label or a category. Over the years, it has been pervasive for us to change styles according to the stage of life because our tastes and preferences change constantly. Some like to mix trends and styles or even wear something different daily. Pinewood Clothing UK is an ideal specimen.


But, in technical fashion terms, five styles help us identify personalities. And find our style based on what works for each person and what makes them feel good about themselves. Check outSchoffel Oakham'slatest collection to get fascinated. 

The universal styles, as they are called, can be mixed and matched with each other, just like any style. There is no rule!

Classic clothing styles: the basics of fashion

The classic clothing/fashion styles are so named because they represent the foundation and core of all other clothing.

They are taken as references and, by keeping their characteristics alive throughout the history of fashion from pret-a-porter; they have become the standard reference for other styles.

There are 5 classic styles:

  1. Traditional

The traditional style, like our R M Williams Jeansis that of those who love tailoring, straight lines, and more sober colors, such as black, white, navy, and grey. It goes very well in the work environment but is not restricted to the office: those with a classic style, like elegant sobriety in the look, invest in fabrics with good fit and quality.

  1. Elegant

Elegant clothing style oozes sophistication like Schoffel Oakham, which is not directly linked to the price of a garment or accessory. Even so, those with a luxury fashion style invest more in suitable fabrics, impeccable fit, and timeless accessories and shoes.

Like the classic style, it uses tailoring but in more contemporary designs for those with an elegant style, an accessory that imitates black and white looks, discreet prints, and dresses and shirts made of delicate fabrics.

  1. Sporty

 As casual as those with a more creative style, people with a sporty style value the comfort and casual look on all occasions. The sporty style is also known as the basic style, and the watchwords for the looks are comfort and practicality.

Pinewood Clothing UK stands out here! Anyone who thinks that sports style is based only on sports clothes is wrong. You need comfortable and smart clothes. This principle, associated with fashion, gave rise to the base style known as sporty, or leisure.

  1. Creative 

The proposal for those with a creative style is to play with colors, shapes, textures, and prints. Quite different from the classic style, the innovative style is more daring and mixes styles and times, even in more formal environments, just adapting the dose of creativity if necessary. As it is the keyword, it is normal for the creative style to include: Prints of all sizes such as animal print, floral and geometric; Blends of jeans with fluid fabrics; Classic pieces with sneakers; Lots of fashion information, especially with colors and textures; The famous hi-lo, in which a sophisticated bit is mixed with a more casual one; a woman in a beret with a black skirt with white polka dots. Follow the R M Williams Jeans selection to pair with the above looks. 

  1. Contemporary

Also known as urban, the contemporary style features many geometric shapes, contrasting colors such as black and white, asymmetrical clothing designs, and bulky and streetwear influence similar to Pinewood Clothing UK.

Contemporary style people love jeans, leather goods, and t-shirts. They also don't skimp on shine, especially metallic ones. The contemporary can also be read as an adaptation of the classic in a more urban, versatile way (since working in cities requires this flexibility).


The styles listed above are not the only ones, but they were thought to make it easier for anyone looking to discover what they like to wear. We can have multiple influences from combinations of the top 5 universal fashion styles.

Fashion is cyclic, and we can enjoy it how we want!


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