Scourge Invasion Comes to a Close

As as of 3PM PDT (6 PM by WoW Insider's clock) the Scourge are retreating from Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms on most servers, and the Scourge Invasion has come to an end... at least for the moment. In each of the capital cities there is still an Argent Dawn Champion handing out their Stamina consumables as well as Argent Quartermasters, so you can get the last of your Necrotic Runes. However, the necropoleis are gone.


I fully expect we'll see something else crop up in the next week, not only because Tigole has said so and it's extremely odd if the week leading to Northrend is entirely empty. There are also things we know are coming , but they aren't yet here... but these are spoilers, so we won't get into the details.
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We'll keep you informed in the event of anything happening. Keep an eye on things. Although I am not sure what will occur tonight, I have been wrong before.

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