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Collaboration is critical in today's fast-paced content and marketing environment. To be genuinely effective, we can't accomplish everything on our own - as individual contributors. Collaboration is important, but not simply a buzzword. We need the appropriate colleagues to work together at the right times.

Content Creators:

One of the foundations of content performance in our Top 100 PR book, "Content Performance Culture," is having the appropriate people in the right jobs. Content producers and SEO strategists are two of these sectors. In the realm of content performance, they can't exist without each other, but how can they genuinely collaborate? Let me share some of the things that I've observed working in the field.

Traditionally, authors would be included in this category. Then there are multimedia content providers that not only write but also experiment in other forms of media, such as short films. Today, I'd say everyone who generates information for publication - generally on the internet – fits into this group. Writers, podcasters, producers, etc., video shooters, editors, directors, etc., and designers are examples. Anyone who creates material by hand qualifies. Right now, I'm a content creator, and I'm writing this. Keep in mind that podcasts and videos are now being indexed as well. There are SEO methods that may be used there as well.

SEO Strategist:

In the art and science of identifying the optimal SEO strategy for content production, SEO strategists are generally more technical. They know what terms to look at based on the objective and how to come up with new ones. When it comes to the same thematic area, they frequently check what rivals are ranking for. One of my favorite tales about SEO strategists is:

The strategist found at the outset of a project that the main rival was ranking exceptionally highly for the top keyword. Should we pursue that lead? Let's take them down! That is a simple sentiment. However, this strategist advised that we pursue the following keywords in line. It turns out that Nos. 2-5 still had a significant amount of search traffic and were simply being overlooked.

How SEO Strategists And Content Developers May Collaborate:

When content producers and SEO strategists collaborate, their initiatives are more likely to succeed. SEO techniques evolve regularly. What works well for one person may not work well for another? After then, keep in mind that content might take months to generate organic search traffic.

Material teams are under growing pressure to generate content that not only looks good but also performs well. With this in mind, content producers should make full use of all tools and skills available to them, including collaborating with SEO strategists.

I began my career in print media as a daily reporter. Back then, there was no keyword research. We were completely unaware of it. You've got a tale, and you've decided on the best way to tell it - in your view. After that, write it down. An editor would do just that. Done. Of all, there was no such thing as content performance back then. I'll be the first to acknowledge that the temptation to write whatever we believe is a good tale is strong. That's something we've been doing for a long time. It's ingrained in you. However, there are significant benefits to speaking with our SEO consultant beforehand.

Is anyone looking for the topic we want to write about? I've had dozens of "amazing" ideas that no one was looking for. Consider this: there will be no monthly searches. I'm not sure why I'm bothering to write about it. Even if a topic has no monthly searches, a strategist can assist us in transforming it into something that does. Sure, 15% of all daily searches have never been done before. However, creating material in the hopes that someone would look for it tomorrow is a risky proposition.

For example, there are no searches for "marketing emergency," yet there are plenty for "decrease stress." Choosing the correct phrases may help the material perform, even if the topic is the same. An SEO strategist can help with this. Many content writers are capable of conducting a simple keyword search, but SEO strategists can go much farther. Furthermore, the SEO strategist might consider the site's entire strategy. Instead, update material that is already ranking for a certain search phrase. New content isn't the only type that can do well.

Some material does not need to be created from scratch. Create a new page or a new blog post if your site currently contains content on Topic A and there is fresh information. This is how I would go about it:

Take A Look At The Current Page's Traffic. What Keywords Does it Appear To Be Ranking For? What Are The Chances of Finding New Keywords or Increasing The Exposure of The Ones You Already Have?

I'd place the majority of those responsibilities in the SEO Brisbane strategist camp. If an item isn't doing well and isn't ranking for anything, it may be appropriate to delete it entirely. It's not going to work anyhow. Let's start from the beginning or repurpose parts of it. Indeed, many of the sites I've examined over the years and after numerous projects appear to have an excessive amount of non-performing material. It usually looks like this:

Home runs account for 5% of all pages. The percentage of people who are above average ranges from 5% to 25%. The percentages of 15-25 percent are slightly higher than the national average. Between 50 and 70 percent of students are underachievers.

When we look at a site and 70% of the material isn't meeting performance targets, it doesn't feel good to us as content providers. Ugh. However, it is frequently the case. The Next-Play Mentality is one of the cornerstones of my Content Performance Philosophy. Run the next play as if you were an athlete in a game to drive forward outcomes. Many content providers struggle to keep their existing material up to date. Material makers, as the name implies, generate new content. They don't always produce new by modifying existing materials. Many people prefer – or rather, default to – producing fresh material. This can cause difficulties with duplicate material targeting the same search queries, resulting in content dilution on our site.

This technique is identical to the one mentioned previously. When a site has several comparable pieces like this, it's probably a smart idea to combine the following strategies: The 12 Content Marketing Strategies That Work, 5 Content Marketing Strategies to Pursue in 2020, and 8 Content Marketing Strategies That Are Now Outdated.

How do these sorts of content clusters form in the first place? This is most common when content providers work in silos and lack historical context. The content team can provide content ideas. They might also originate from the SEO strategy. It doesn't have to be a factory-style process. If an SEO strategist has a content concept and already knows, based on their study, that SEO success is likely, the entire team — including the content producer – will benefit. Allow SEO specialists to contribute story and content suggestions as well.

Agree on a uniform procedure for sending written tasks and requests back and forth. Use a tool that works for the majority of people. Content makers can use this tool to delegate research requests to a strategist. Make sure to mention the present concept, as well as the topic name and any relevant keywords you're considering.

It's also beneficial to inform the strategist about the target audience: For whom is this content intended? People may be looking for the topic in healthcare, but if your customer is interested in wellness, it may not be a good fit. Include a deadline, and remember that not all requests are urgent. Consider working together in person. Alternatively, you may contact us over the phone or using a messaging app.

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