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A septic tank is an important structure that holds both liquid and solid waste. Proper waste disposal is essential to ensure that the septic tank runs efficiently. It can be difficult to maintain your septic tanks. The tank must be inspected and pumped according to its capacity and household size.

Many times, the septic tank is used by the homeowners of homes as a garbage can, flushing biodegradable waste, and creating plumbing problems.

Product Name: Septifix
Uses: Septic Tank Treatment And Remove Ugly Smell
Item Form: Tablets
Quantity: 1 Pack Have 6 Tablets for 6 Months Use
Cost: $69 per box (Special Offer for Online User)
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Septifix can be used to clean and maintain your septic tank.

Septifix tablets are easy to use. You can see the results in just 3-5 days.

Richard V. owns a plumbing business with approximately 200 employees. His business has flourished in nine states across the USA. One of his services is cleaning and pumping septic tanks.

He realized that Americans need a cheaper option to maintain the cleanliness of their septic tanks.

He partnered with 14 scientists who have developed and refined a formula over three years. The Septifix formula is designed to remove stench from septic tanks and make them easy to clean.

Septifix tablets were created after a series experiments and tests. It is the first oxygen-releasing bacteria to be added to septic tank.

Six tablets are included in a Septifix box. You can only purchase the product on the official website.

Septifix Reviews wants to lower logistics costs and marketing expenses in order to sell Septifix at a reasonable price.

Richard V. The team will not compromise the quality of product or ensure that it delivers long-lasting results.

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Each 55-grams tablet of Septifix contains 14 strains aerobic bacteria. These bacteria contain more than 10 million strains per gram.

Septifix Septic Tank Treatment tablets use the process pH regulation of compounds, and oxygenation to safely and effectively clean your septic tanks.

This involves creating incredible bacteria colonies in your septic tanks, and ensuring it thrives for at least 90 day. This ensures that your tanks stay clean for approximately 3 months.

The tablet of Septifix Review dissolves when it is flushed down the drain. It releases the sodium carbonate, which can cause a loss of around 10 litres.

The oxygen that is released begins to form tiny bubbles which disperse throughout the tank. Additionally, the sodium carbonate which was also dissolved in the water acts as a buffer and neutralizes it to a pH.

Septifix tablets neutralize the bacteria, then they begin to kill other anaerobic bacteria such as salmonella, ecoli, and many others.

This ensures that your septic tank does not contain any harmful bacteria.

Your septic tanks are home to live bacteria. They begin to feed off the remaining residues. This includes the removal of grease, oil, soap, or other residues.

Septifix Customer Reviews cleans septic tanks, which decreases the need for them to be pumped. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a clogged tank again.

Another feature worth noting is what it does to your pipes. Septifix doesn't forget about the pipes that transport waste from the toilets to the septic tank. Septifix neutralizes acids to prevent corrosion and protects pipes, valves, tubes, pumps, and pumps.

Septifix makes it easy to transport waste from one place to the next.

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Septifix Tablets Ingredients List

Each tablet is non-toxic according to the official sales page. The tablets do not contain any harmful chemicals that could pose a danger. Below are the key ingredients of these tablets.

  • Aerobic bacteria strains 10 billion
  • Compounds that release oxygen
  • Ph balancing compounds

The Story Behind Septifix tablets

Richard V, a plumber and the owner of a plumbing company, discovered the Septifix tablets. He was responsible for managing a plumbing business in nine states and supervising over 200 employees. His main motivation for developing a treatment that could truly solve all septic problems without causing damage to the environment was his experience in providing plumbing services to clients. He created this unique septic treatment with the goal of providing better services to his customers.

After extensive research by a team of professionals, the formula for these septic-maintenance tablets was created. Richard allegedly teamed up in 2011 with 14 highly-skilled researchers and a prestigious institution to create this amazing formula. With the help of this crew of highly professional researchers, Richard developed a natural and environmentally-friendly way to improve the functioning of septic tanks. These pills can be cost-effective and reduce the amount of money you have to spend on your septic tank each year by almost $10,000, according to estimates.

The team developed a natural solution to clean your septic tank and keep it functioning properly after nearly three years of research. To function properly, septic tanks must have a certain pH level and adequate oxygenation. Each Septifix tablet contains fourteen strains of bacteria. You don't need to hire a professional plumber or engineer to install the tablets in your septic tanks. Septifix tablets can be installed in minutes and will fix your septic problems within days. The service has received a high level of trust from its customers and is trusted by over 21,000 people.


What can you expect from Septifix Tablets?

You can expect these things when you use Septifix tablets:

  • Septifix tablets are quick and easy to fix all your septic problems.
  • These tablets are so easy to use that you don't need to spend any money on maintaining and repairing your septic tank.
  • The tablets will protect your entire plumbing system against corrosion and damage.
  • These tablets will significantly increase the oxygen level in your tank.
  • The tablets are said to reduce odor-causing effects and prevent unpleasant odors from coming from tanks.
  • The tablets were supposed to lower the odor of hydrogen sulfide by releasing more oxygen.
  • The environment is not affected by the tablets.
  • The tablets promise to keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly, and prevent any leakage, sludge or clog.
  • These tablets have special properties that kill anaerobic bacteria such as salmonella or e-coli, and other harmful pathogens in your septic tanks. These bacteria can lead to many health issues.
  • This revolutionary septic treatment promises to clean your tank starting from the bottom and eliminate all sludge.
  • It protects your plumbing system.
  • Certain tablets have the pH neutralizing agents and oxygen-releasing bacteria strains that boost tank function and prevent corrosion.
  • Septifix pills contain approximately 10 billion strains aerobic bacteria which stimulate the growth of bacterial colonies within your septic tank to improve its functioning.


What sets Septifix apart?

Richard V and his 14-strong team of scientists created the Septifix tablet formula over three years. The Septifix formula has been tested in multiple independent laboratories. This makes it the first practical solution to keeping a septic tank functioning as it should.

  • Septifix tablets are preferred over any other method because they allow only clean water to penetrate the ground.
  • The tablets can be flushed into the septic tanks.
  • Septifix allows you to keep a septic tank clean and efficient at a very low price.
  • Septifix is unique in that it solves septic tank issues and alleviates you from the smell, cost and plumbing problems, as well as health concerns.

Instructions for Septifix Tablets

Septifix tablets do not contain any toxic ingredients so you can safely handle them without fear. Septifix's creator urges you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Users should not consume Septifix. The company suggests that users place three tablets in the bathroom and flush them twice after they first use Septifix.

You can expect positive results within three to five working days. Septifix recommended that you only use one tablet per month after the initial trial. According to Septifix customer service, if you have a large septic tank or a large household, you should still consult an expert plumber.

Cost of Septifix

Only authorized retailers/sites can order the Septifix Tablet. There is a 60-day guarantee for a cash refund. To deliver to your home or office, the company uses UPS delivery. Prices for Septifix vary as can be seen below.

  • 6-month supply Septifix Tablets $69.00 each Box + shipping costs
  • 12-month supply Septifix Tablets $49..00 per Box + Free Shipping
  • 18-month Supply Septifix Tablets $59.00 per Box + Free Shipping

Send an email to either of the following email addresses to reach the Septifix tablet creators:



Septifix is a great product that every household should have. It's very simple to use, and you will save hundreds every year.

Septifix is a product that can remove the unpleasant stench and the need to unclog your toilet. It is completely safe and non-toxic. The environment is also safe with Septifix tablets.

You don't need to empty the septic tank if Septifix tablets are the solution.

Septifix can also help you save money. You can enjoy a clean, worry-free home because your pipes, toilets, and septic tanks run smoothly.

You don't have to worry about your stuff getting blocked up, because Septifix has it taken care of for you.



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