Setting Up Shop in Sharjah: Unveiling the Advantages of SHAMS Freezone

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Setting Up Shop in Sharjah: Unveiling the Advantages of SHAMS Freezone

Sharjah, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), boasts a thriving free zone specifically designed to attract and empower businesses in the media and creative industries – Sharjah Media City Free Zone, or SHAMS Freezone. Launched in 2017, SHAMS has grown rapidly to become a leading hub for creative companies seeking a cost-effective and supportive environment to flourish.

SHAMS Freezone offers a multitude of advantages that make it an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, and even established corporations. Here's a glimpse into what makes SHAMS stand out:

  • Affordability

 One of the most significant advantages of the SHAMS free zone is its affordability. Company registration fees are some of the cheapest in the UAE, starting at AED 5,750 for a zero-visa package. Flexible office options, including shared desks and dedicated spaces, further reduce costs and cater to businesses of all sizes.

  • Ease of Setup

SHAMS streamlines the business setup process, allowing for 100% foreign ownership and remote registration. The process is swift, taking approximately seven days to complete.

  • Supportive Ecosystem

 SHAMS goes beyond simply providing office space. It fosters a vibrant ecosystem specifically designed to nurture creative businesses. This includes access to networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and business support services.

  • Visa Flexibility

SHAMS offers a tiered visa allocation system, allowing companies to choose the number of visas they need, starting from zero visas. This flexibility caters to businesses of all sizes and growth aspirations. Additionally, visas are valid for three years, providing stability for companies and their employees.

  • Strategic Location

Sharjah's strategic location in the UAE offers easy access to a large and diverse consumer market. The emirate's proximity to Dubai further enhances its appeal, allowing businesses to leverage the combined strengths of both emirates.

  • Focus on Innovation

 SHAMS actively promotes innovation and creative thinking. This forward-thinking approach aligns perfectly with the needs of media and creative businesses, fostering an environment that encourages experimentation and growth.


SHAMS Freezone presents a compelling opportunity for businesses in the media and creative industries. With its affordability, ease of setup, supportive ecosystem, visa flexibility, strategic location, and focus on innovation, SHAMS provides a launchpad for creative ventures to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the UAE. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, SHAMS Freezone offers a fertile ground to cultivate your creative vision and achieve business success.


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