Seven Quests: A Soul's Bane

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28 September 2022

Seven quests are available: A Soul's Bane and Priest in Peril. Gertrude's cat, Missing, Presumed Death, Perils of Ice Mountain and Song from the Depths. Two D&Ds are available: Shooting Stars or Evil Trees, and access to Silvarea. The game features high-level wilderness (including the Chaos Elemental's Mage Arena cave) and Boss pets for the Giant Mole. (King scales of the black dragon is available to free players, however 99 Summoning is required to unlock it.) Additional magic and ranged gear - Dark and blue Wizard Robes, coifs , and blue Mystic Robes can be made. Green, red, blue, and Wilderness Dragon bones can be buried in order to gain experience.

In addition to the distinctions described above the majority of features outside the games (such as the official RuneScape forums) are accessible to members only, however, they are also available to F2P players who have at minimum 2.5 million total experience or a skill total of 350. This requirement was 12.5 million total experience or a skill total of 500 prior to an update by Jagex on 15 March 2010.

Features are available to former members.

Players who were members at one point have access to some features:

- Songs unlocked in members areas - Emotes, titles and cosmetic overrides unlocked from members content - Bonus Dungeoneering XP from the Scroll of Daemonheim - Ability to view their materials if they have unlocked Invention - Some free-to-play items that require membership to obtain - see Category:Free-to-play items that require membership to obtain - Unrestricted trade (subscribing for the first time permanently removes the 25k trade limit from the account) - Ability to obtain Unreadable pages if they meet the requirements - No longer having to use a bait for fishing if the corresponding prawn perk has been unlocked. The benefit of Sliske and the ability to see ghostly creatures - The 5 percent Runecrafting boost which is available upon finishing Hero's Welcome. - Ability to access Wicked Hood's Wizards' Tower Teleport and access its interface via an electronic outfit

Removed from the free version.

Jagex has also removed features from the free version:

RuneScape Classic in August 2005 Hiscores in November 2011 (returned in April 2014) Advertising on 20 June 2016 Daily Challenges for Member skills (so free players wouldn't be receiving daily challenges that they weren't able to complete) on 22 August 2016 - Following the release of skills for members up to level 5, free players will now receive Daily Challenges for Member Skills, but requiring no more than level 5 of that skill. - Daily Challenges for members skills were added back in December of 2017, however a further update in January 2018 allowed free players to switch off these skills in the event that they had reached the level 5 cap.

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