Should you buy a refurbished iPad pro in Australia? Is it worth buying in 2022

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Should you buy a refurbished iPad pro in Australia? Is it worth buying in 2022

A new iPad Pro is on the horizon, and we’ve got our hands on a refurbished model that can be yours today – or tomorrow at least!

The last generation of iPads was very successful for Apple, selling over 50 million units since its launch in 2015. And while there has been some speculation about whether this will be another success story for the iPad maker, it looks like Apple will have a more modest target this time around.

Apple may not sell as many of these new models as they did last year, but with a much smaller range of options this time around, they’ll probably sell just a little bit better. So, what exactly are these new models all about? We’ve got your guide right here.

Which iPad Pro do I choose?

Well, it depends on the type of work you do. If you spend a lot of time writing emails on your computer, editing images on your favorite photo app, or creating documents for school assignments, the 12.9-inch model is likely to suit you well. You’ll be spending most of your time using your fingers anyway, so the extra screen real estate won’t bother you that much, and you might even find yourself needing the additional display size when working on big projects.

If, however, you primarily use the iPad for streaming videos or playing games, then the 11-inch model is going to be a great choice for you. It allows you to use your fingers more comfortably and you won’t need the second screen when doing things like browsing social media sites, watching movies, or reading books. This means that you’ll save a lot of space on your desk for other important tasks.


And finally, if you really love photography, you could easily justify paying a few hundred dollars more for the larger device. This is because the extra pixels will help you shoot high-quality photos and videos without being distracted by the small screen size all the time. You might have noticed that some photographers prefer the bigger screen.

Why buy a refurbished iPad Pro

In 2020, Apple launched a very popular program called ‘Refurbished Apple Stock’, where they would sell older models of their products at a discount – usually half of their usual price. These Apple stock items ranged from iPhones to Mac computers, and even some accessories like headphones.

After launching the refurbished program, it quickly became one of the top-selling programs for Apple, mainly because it gave customers access to products at a lower price. When Apple decided to discontinue its refurbished product range in 2021, people didn’t know what to do next. They had their old iPads at home and didn’t know how to get a refund. Thankfully, there are third-party companies that offer refurbished products at a fraction of their original cost, letting you get the latest tech at an affordable price. You can shop for a preowned iPad pro in Australia for $399 AUD.

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a refurbished iPad Pro instead of buying new ones.

Save money - Refurbished products are offered at a fraction of the retail price of new items. You’re saving hundreds of dollars off your purchase.

Reliable source - Most companies offering refurbished iPads are backed up by guarantees, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive a fully functioning item when the product arrives.

Easy returns - Unlike new products, refurbished iPads don’t come with annoying return policies that require you to send the item back within 14 days after receiving it, so you can try it before you buy.

Accessories included - Many refurbished products include free shipping and delivery, as well as a complete set of manuals, cables, and chargers. All you have to do is put everything together after taking it out of the box.

Great customer service - A number of third parties offer support 24/7, and many of them deliver fast turnaround times. If something goes wrong, you can call or chat online with a dedicated expert, and get quick solutions to your problem.

Discounts - Some third-party companies offer discounts on their refurbished products as well. This gives you an edge against the competition and helps you save a significant amount of money.

Fast delivery - In most cases, refurbished products arrive within 3-5 business days after placing your order, depending on the company. Delivery is free in most cases, and if you live somewhere remote, you can count on the option to ship via express courier services.

Great warranty - Third-party refurbishes often include a full manufacturer warranty with every iPad product. This means that you’re protected from any manufacturing defects on the product for two years after purchase.

Free upgrades - Refurbished products may lack certain features. However, most of them come equipped with the latest hardware and software updates, allowing you to enjoy the maximum performance possible.

What makes it special?

When it comes to iPad Pros, refurbished items are the only way to go. Not only are their specs comparable to brand-new models, but they also come with a great customer experience.

With refurbished iPad Pros, you’re getting a good deal every single time. You’re also giving your favorite brands a helping hand, which is something you should never ignore.

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