Skoda Testing New Train Warning Feature to Improve Road Safety

Skoda Testing New Train Warning Feature to Improve Road Safety
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18 February 2023

In its Traffication infotainment app, Skoda is experimenting with a new feature. The most recent version of the software, which is currently being evaluated in a pilot project in the Czech Republic, now issues warnings of impending trains, lowering the likelihood of level crossing mishaps. Of further increase road safety, this feature works in conjunction with other features of the Traffication app, such as alerting the driver to wrong-way driving and the danger of accidentally entering a motorway against the flow of traffic. You are guided through the top features offered on the selection of Skoda cars by PPS Skoda Showroom Hyderabad.

Skoda is always developing innovative, real-time solutions to increase traffic safety. With assistance from the Czech railway business, Skoda is now growing its traffic information and entertainment app as part of a test project. The update is now available to users of the app. An update is available, according to a notation in the in-car shop and a message displayed in the infotainment system's notification centre.

Safety first

Skoda is always incorporating innovative real-time technologies to improve traffic safety. As part of a test project, Skoda is introducing a new function in its Traffication infotainment app in association with the Czech railroad firm Leo Express. The update is currently available for download for users of the app. The infotainment notification centre will display an update notification. The in-car store will similarly indicate that an update is available. The user must confirm the installation of the app before it is done.

Are Skoda cars good quality?

Skoda defines interior and exterior design using the three adjectives exciting, expressive, and extraordinary. The car's muscular and dynamic body-to-cabin proportions give it an incredible sense of dynamism. As an illustration, the strong fender volumes and the segment-leading wheel diameters will provide a purposeful attitude and a distinctive road presence. Avail the best service with quality cars from Skoda available at PPS Skoda Dealers Hyderabad.

Is Skoda a safe car?

In terms of safety, Skoda is your best bet. Airbags and multi-collision brakes are among them. The use of ISOFIX and Top Tether anchor points simplifies child seat installation.

Cloud-based solution

Any Skoda vehicle utilizing the Traffication infotainment app close to a level crossing with an incoming train receives regular real-time train location transmissions from the cloud, which subsequently relays the information to the vehicle. Along with an audible and pop-up message, the impending train alert is displayed on the central infotainment display. While talks with a number of other railroads are ongoing, Skoda is already integrating other railroads around Europe.

What is Skoda famous for?

The German engineering technique takes forward the Skoda cars to maintain constant speeds. Maintain a consistent speed without sudden accelerations or decelerations, if traffic permits. Authorized Skoda Dealers Hyderabad help in guiding about the best cars of your choice or relevant price range.

Easy download

Both the Skoda Connect shop online and the in-car store offer the option to download Traffication. All current Skoda cars, with the exception of the ENYAQ iV, can have it installed if they have the top infotainment system from the third-generation Modular Infotainment Matrix. The driver then doesn't have to activate the programme; it operates automatically in the background. Every time a driver comes across a traffic hazard in their near proximity, warnings are quickly displayed on the main infotainment display.

How it works with slippery conditions?

The app already shows different types of alerts, either from third parties that offer traffic information or directly from Skoda cars, in addition to the recently added notifications of oncoming trains. Traffic can alert drivers to impending inclement weather, poor road conditions, or accidents. Additionally, the app can identify a wrong-way driver entering a highway against the flow of traffic and alert other motorists to the possible risk. Skoda vehicles, for instance, may detect poor visibility by turning on their fog lights, and this information is transmitted to the cloud. Additionally, Skoda drivers can use Traffication to manually report traffic risks to the cloud with a single click, alerting all other Skoda drivers. The software is currently accessible in 32 European nations, and it provides alerts in 23 different languages.

Is Skoda resale value good?

Everyone wants a new car, but achieving so requires successful financial investment. But you must remember that the moment you drive away from the showroom and begin using the vehicle, its value begins to decrease. When looking for a used car, it is essential to take the resale value into account. This is the sum of money you might expect to get when you sell the car. When taking Virtus Model Comparison into account, Skoda cars have a strong reputation for holding their value. So, if you're thinking about getting a Skoda, you can be sure that your investment will eventually yield a good return.


When choosing a car to buy, you should think about its value. You can be sure that it will be worth something when you exchange it if you do this, especially with safety. It also brings down the cost of vehicles as a whole and incorporates trafficking features. PPS Skoda Dealer Hyderabad gives a clear picture about all the facts on Skoda cars, alongside new exciting features. Taking into account the range of the car you purchase depends on a number of variables, including depreciation, condition, brand, demand, economy, and miles driven.


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