Slayer can be used to Attack

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Slayer in runescape is one ability that can be utilized by members to help train various combat skills up without even contemplating it.

I am currently a level 97 slayer. I have honed my combat skills through many slayer tasks. Runescape I learn my tasks mostly from the shilo village master who gives out a good amount of high-level monster tasks.

Slayer can be used to attack, strengthen and hitpoints. However, the majority of players use it to enhance melee-based skills, not mage and range. As I have already mastered the skills that are based on melee, I try to do all my slayer tasks with either mage or range.

Some simple slayer training tips 1. Use a cannon when you can and this will help you finish the task a lot quicker but it will cost you in the long run 2. For tasks with more than 199 monsters, Shilo Village slayer master will assign them. Try to complete one or two slayer tasks a day so that you continually get some experience and strive to achieve a total of at least 85 slayers to be able to fight demons who are abyssal for the whip. This black mask is only obtained by players who have completed Rum Deal or Cabin Fever. 5. A set of Guthan Armour can help to finish tasks quicker because there is no need to store food while tackling some tasks. However, only use this if there are no special items required in the task such as Earmuffs or nosepegs. 6. If you don't want to do the task, you can alter it. Many people change iron Dragon tasks because they can be boring and are not worth the effort. Although Jagex have restricted the number of monsters that will be given in a given task however, it's still a time consuming task. 7. All quests that reward Slayer experience can be completed by players. Back to my Roots rewards 23,000 and The Path of Glouphrie rewards 20000. 8. Edgeville and Canifis are two choices for players looking to finish their tasks quickly. They can give you adequate amounts of monsters which is quicker than Shilo or Lost City slayer masters.

While the list of slayer tips may not cover all strategies, it will provide some suggestions for players looking to increase their slayer levels at a minimum to level 85 to be able to fight Abyssal Demons. Anyone can leave a make a comment or contact me to update the information.

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