So what is it that makes Minecraft So Popular?

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Sorry, "Fortnite" fans - "Minecraft" continues to quietly dominate, like it has done for years. Helen Chiang, the head of "Minecraft" studios spoke to Business Insider by phone this week. She claimed that the game has more than 112 million players every month. "Over the past five years since the acquisition, 'Minecraft' has been growing," she said.

"Minecraft "Minecraft" is an uncommon case of a game with "long legs" - it continues to be a huge seller for years - in the industry of video games that is driven by hits where sales charts can look like a hockey stick.

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The juggernaut of culture that is "Minecraft" has been in existence for more than 10 years.

Despite other big games like "Fortnite", "Roblox" and "Roblox," "Minecraft" is still dominating.

As as of this week, the game has more than 112 million players per month.

This is a rise of more than 20 million players since the last time Microsoft announced the number, back in October 2018 - an incredible increase in players, considering the game has been in play for over 10 years. This includes gamers on all gaming consoles and mobile devices, as well as computers, and the education-focused version.

Not surprisingly "Minecraft", while it is available for free on many platforms, isn't completely free.

The game was purchased by the tens of million of "Minecraft" players who added the game to their collection over the last year, whether it was directly available in the store, or as part of Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service, or digitally.

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Early success has persisted

The game has been a famously popular phenomenon since the beginning of its existence "Minecraft" was initially a work-in-progress game, made by a single person (Markus "Notch" Persson). It was a simple game with limited graphics and controls. It was only available on PC. It was prone to fail due to the fact that it was an unfinished game being developed by a single person.

However, millions of players still bought and played the early version of "Minecraft".

The tech world was stunned and confused when Microsoft bought the game in 2014 for $2.5 Billion.

However, that initial success has been under the watch of Microsoft for the past five years.

"What we find is it's an addictive game that people keep returning to," Helen Chiang (Minecraft) studio head, said to Business Insider in a telephone interview this week. "It might not always be the game that's in the forefront however, as there are a lot of amazing games that continue come out but it's one players love returning to."

Why is 'Minecraft" so popular?

So, why is "Minecraft" so popular?

We're talking about a game that appears like this:

Imagine "Minecraft" as a kind of virtual LEGO.

It's a system for fitting pieces together to create something - often amazing things - out of nothing. "Minecraft" provides unlimited building blocks and an empty slate. You can create whatever you want with the tools offered. The tools and the techniques to use them are extremely user-friendly.

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