Social Media - The Veil for Scammers to Con You Out of Billions of Dollars!

Social Media - The Veil for Scammers to Con You Out of Billions of Dollars!
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The immense increase in technology has led to people being more dependent and liable on social media, Users are more vulnerable and exposed to their social media compared to their real life. The competition for attention, likes, and comments has made people expose themselves way too much on the internet. Thus, it becomes easier for scammers to trap people using their personal and private information, which are a user's sensitive points. 

The reports have also illustrated that scammers get most of their profit from online, social media. It leads to many questions, one of them is why is social media a source of maximizing profit for the scammers, or in other words, why do scammers use social media as a gold mine for themselves? The prime reason is convenience and approachability. Scammers find it easier to trap and take advantage of people using online platforms, along with another benefit of successfully hiding their real identity.

Different ways people get scammed on social media according to The Claimers

One day I was browsing through my Instagram when I came across my friend's Insta story in which she was enraged about being scammed through social media. Apparently, someone conned her out of $10,000 by saying she was buying designer goods through a third party. I couldn’t see my friend worry so that’s when I put my thinking hat on and started looking up people who may have incurred a similar scam and to my surprise, there were over 1,000 cases reported. 

I found a website by the name of “The Claimers” and they had reported case studies and in-depth articles about so many of these cases - with the purpose of informing people about these scams and ways they can protect each other from them. Their material was so engaging and helpful, my friend was even able to file her case through the process they had outlined. Here are some common scams they have told everyone to be cautious off. 

1.      Online Shopping

Users often report that they get scammed on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and websites when they order products for their personal use and pay the company online by transferring money. The companies found online are mostly fakes with no entrepreneur's intentions and abilities.  

2.      Hacking

Hacking, despite being strictly restricted and punished, has still not been stopped. Thus, it inflicts an emotional, psychological, and financial loss on people from time to time with an increase in the number of victims. Hackers are skilled at manipulating and controlling people, then using their personal information against them.

3.      Online Dating

The romantic and dating scams have immensely increased over time, especially after COVID-19, when everything got digital. People have even started looking for love and partners online. Thus, the other half of the audience started using this for their benefit, the scammers. They use the emotional factor to manipulate people, controlling them enough to retrieve information that could be used for their benefit.

4.      Online Working Scams

Job opportunities always attract numerous audiences, especially when they are online, making it easier for people to work from home or work from anywhere. This benefit attracts the majority of the users’ attention; the job opportunity provider asks the jobseekers to invest beforehand. Thus, people consider it as an amazing opportunity, put their money at stake, and end up losing it. The job provider disappears after getting the money later. 

5. Fake Representation

People build their fake identities and come forth representing a company, an imaginary company that does not exist. These scammers text and send messages personally to people, trying to lure them into different traps set by them, such as studying abroad, doubling of investment, and the list of benefits they might get if they follow their instructions.  

Stay up to date on recent scams and stay safe!

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