Sodick Parts Supplier and Manufacturer - TAGUTI

Sodick Parts Supplier and Manufacturer - TAGUTI
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30 September 2022

TAGUTI is a leading sodick parts supplier and manufacturer in China. With a productive factory, TAGUTI offers quality products and excellent services to its customers. The company offers sodick wire EDM, die-sinking EDM, and high-speed milling equipment.
Sodick die-sinking EDM range incorporates LP Control

The AG200L is the latest addition to the Sodick die-sinking EDN range, and features all in-house made technologies. Its linear motors allow for high speed and reduced electrode wear. This new technology also eliminates programming errors. The range of machines includes the K1BL, K2, and K3BL.

The LP Control is a software program that helps you optimise the cutting efficiency of your EDM machine. It allows for the importation of Parasolid files and makes cutting more precise and efficient. This software also reduces programming errors and workflow time. It also allows for optimum machining performance.

The Sodick AG60L is the best selling model in the AG series. It incorporates linear drive technology and simplified control mechanisms. This new technology provides a direct link between the control and the drive, resulting in the fastest servo response. It also ensures perfect spark gaps. It makes its debut at MACH and is expected to stir up interest.

In addition to the SL400Q wire EDM, the AD35L and AD55L high-performance sinker EDM machines will be on display. The TT1-400A Electrode Machining Center will also be on display. Sodick will also demonstrate the latest innovations in EDM technology, including the newest LP Control.

CNC machine technology is an ideal way to automate EDM processes. Sodick has been working to improve its CNC machines to make them more accurate and faster. This new technology also allows for a higher level of surface finish. With these improvements, the company is confident to stay at the forefront of the machine industry.

The K1BL machine's highly responsive linear motors provide high precision and continuous drilling. This EDM machine can also drill 80 micron electrodes. The K1BL is equipped with a Sodick linear motor on its main axis, enabling faster machining and reduced electrode wear.

The LP Control software provides a wealth of features to enhance the productivity of the machine. It is based on Windows Operating System and the latest 3D solid model CAD programming. It also has a 15" colour touch screen monitor for easy operation. LP machines also come with Intelligent Q3vic EDM, which enables users to import and generate 3D models without the use of manual G Codes.
Sodick high-speed milling range incorporates linear motors

The Sodick high-speed milling range (HSM) combines milling and metal additive manufacturing in a single workspace. It is equipped with linear motors and offers a 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee. The Sodick HSM features a 1G acceleration rate, superior stability, and a precision down to the nanometer. The company claims that the HSM opens up new possibilities for high-precision milling.

Sodick was established in 1976 and has sold more than 55,000 machines worldwide. It has delivered over 30,000 linear-motor EDMs. Its products are used in mold and die making for a variety of industries. The company has four ISO-certified manufacturing facilities and more than 3,100 employees. The company has a technical center in Chicago and offers a 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee.

Linear motors are ideal for demanding applications. Linear motors can eliminate backlash and wear components, which can make machining easier and faster. In addition, Sodick EDMs are configurable to meet most requirements and offer custom solutions for the most challenging applications.

The latest generation of Sodick ultra-high-speed vertical machining centres incorporate linear motors in all axes. This technology allows it to perform rough and fine milling in one operation. The UH650L can also handle intricate three-dimensional contours. Because of its linear motors, this machine allows the user to perform complex three-dimensional milling in a single operation.

Sodick high-speed milling range has linear motors standard on its AP3L Sinker EDM machines. These motors provide smooth vibration-free movement of the table, which leads to unparalleled positioning and machining accuracy. Moreover, linear motors eliminate backlash and offer direct feedback for the user.

Linear motors are better than ball screw motors in several ways. They have less contact with the machine, are faster, and have longer life than ball screw motors. As a result, they can cut down on machining time. Even short distances can add up to a lot of time.
Sodick wire EDM range incorporates LP Control

The new Sodick die-sinking EDM range incorporates LP Control with linear motors and offers improved cutting accuracy, positioning and vibration-free table movement. The machine also features Sodick's trademark features, such as ceramic components, glass scales and solid Meehanite castings. In addition, the machine features user-friendly software and error-free data conversion.

The Sodick wire EDM range incorporates the LP Control, which enables a Parasolid file to be imported directly into the Sodick LP Control. This eliminates programming errors and enables the machine to achieve the best cutting performance. The OPM250E fully automatic machine satisfies the most demanding application needs.

The Sodick AP200L wire EDM features a dual column structure and high-resolution linear scales for improved precision. Its high-resolution linear scales allow for a minimum increment step of 10 nanometres, which ensures ultra-high-precision machining.

The LP Control offers greater flexibility, improved machining precision and increased throughput, resulting in increased productivity. It also allows for automatic programming with Parasolid files. And with its intuitive menu-driven LP control, you can easily program your wire EDM without a manual intervention.

Sodick's LP Control power supply is based on modern control theory, a Windows Operating System, and latest 3D solid model CAD programming. It also features a 15" colour touch screen monitor and ergonomic design. The LP wire EDM range also incorporates Intelligent Q3vic EDM software, which enables you to import 3D models directly and produce cutting programmes without manual G Codes.

Sodick is an American manufacturer of industrial machinery. It has been around for more than 30 years and has sold over 55,000 machines worldwide. The company also manufactures sinker, wire, and small hole EDM machines, as well as high speed milling machines. The company has locations around the world and offers a complete line of edm consumables.

Sodick Europe, Sodick's sole UK distributor, will be exhibiting its largest stand at MACH this year. At the stand, the company will showcase Sodick technology in a wide range of production processes. The company's wire and sink EDM machines will be on show along with a prototype 5-axis K4HL small hole drilling machine. This machine is designed for the aerospace industry and allows for thousands of high-precision holes in one step.

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