Some Android features you might see in iOS 15

Some Android features you might see in iOS 15

Passionate lovers of iOS and Android frequently struggle over the best of the mobile OS. While many differences between Android and iOS fueled the argument, the fundamental features of both Google and Apple for Android and iOS from each other have been clearly taken into consideration. Apple is scheduled next week for WWDC's upcoming iOS version 2021 and we expect that iOS 15 will take some Android hints. How do you expect Apple to push for iOS 15 with Android?

A few years ago, Android has IOS-like browsing gestures. Finally, Apple provided support for iOS 14 widgets, which we think were better implemented than on Android. To settle the score, Google announced Android widgets in Android 12 the most important update and included support for responsive widgets — like iOS 14. One may say that Android 12 is inspired by iOS visually, but we're not going to finish on who copied who, with their vast use of colours and rounded corners.

Android has a lot to teach iOS 15

Back to iOS, it clearly exists in certain areas where Android can borrow. Based on current speculations about iOS 15, iOS can have a lot cleaner notification panel with various choices for driving, resting or working for applications and profiles. iOS 15 is also rumoured to provide live update widgets, better dark mode and other improvements to the user interface, including an improved lock screen.

With iOS 15, privacy may also get a big boost. iOS 15 may give additional options to notify users when an app is secretly collecting and using data from them, similar to Android 12. According to Bloomberg, iPadOS 15 will also include a big redesign of the main screen. However, it is unclear whether Apple will eventually allow users to set app icons everywhere on the screen or whether they will continue to be restricted.

We also expect that at WWDC 2021, Apple unveils improvements to Siri to keep up with Google Assistant's current and future advancements. Finally, we hope Apple will give users some flexibility by letting them choose their favourite apps for tasks such as web browsing and music streaming.

What more do you want to see in iOS 15 from Apple? Let us know what you're looking forward to (and expecting to see) at WWDC 2021!

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