Sou Shen Ji

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Tuo Ba Ye looked at the people at the foot of the mountain. Most of them were emaciated and tired, and some of them were lying in tents dying. Interest. Even the people sitting by the campfire were expressionless, sitting in a daze, rarely talking or laughing with each other. When I spoke occasionally, I burst into tears, and even hugged each other and cried bitterly: I couldn't help feeling pity in my heart. Passing the long line of hundreds of people, a few thievish men suddenly jumped out and said, "Hello!"! Do you want a sign? "What brand?" Asked the sixth Marquis in surprise. A big man with triangular eyes stared and said, "That goes without saying."? Of course it's a sign to see a doctor! He took out a wooden sign mysteriously from his bosom and wrote two strange words on it, which looked similar to the sign in the hands of the people in the queue next to him. "Thank you very much," said the Sixth Marquis with a smile. Reach for it. The man with triangular eyes suddenly stepped back and scolded, "Granny, do you think I am your father?"? To you for no reason? The other men laughed and said, "Granny, where did you get the elm head?" It was clear under Tuoba's ambition that these men must have made money by selling this brand. At that moment, they deliberately said, "What's the number of this brand?"? What's the price? Triangular Eye Hei Hei: "This childe, this brand is the twenty-seventh, tomorrow after noon, less than half an hour, can take turns, the price is easy to say." He stretched out a palm and shook it in front of Tuo Ba Ye. "Five herbs?" Asked Tuo Ba Ye with a smile. "What do I want that grass for?" Said the triangle-eyed Pooh? Granny, do you weave straw sandals? Of course it's gold, five hundred taels of gold. The sixth Marquis laughed and scolded, "Aren't you obviously robbing his grandmother's seaweed fish skin?" He gave him a sidelong glance and sneered,Stainless steel foundry, "Isn't your life worth it?" He took out another sign from his bosom and clapped it in the palm of his hand, saying, "This is cheap. It only costs five taels of gold, but you have to wait until the afternoon five days later.". "If the ten ancestors are in a bad mood and suddenly stop watching half of it, I'm afraid it will be seven or eight days later. I wonder if you'll still be angry?" Tuo Ba Ye pointed to the crowd in line and said, "What about them?" Triangle Eye Ye said with a smile, "Don't look at them in the front of the line. The number on their hands will be tomorrow evening at the earliest.". The first forty brands are all in Grandpa's house! Pointing to a few gorgeous tents in the distance, he said, "Well,titanium machining parts, a lot of nobles and elders came today and bought brands from me. Tomorrow morning, they will be the first to come." Triangular Eyes Hei Hei said with a smile, "Five hundred taels of gold are too expensive for you?"? The young man who came this afternoon was very generous. Without saying a word, he was one thousand and two taels of gold. As a result, he came in less than half an hour, and it was his turn! This money is an external thing, life is gone, why do you need money? Luo Jiya could not bear to hear this. She turned sideways and smiled at the triangular eyes. "What this elder brother said is, what is gold compared to life?" The triangle saw that she was as sweet as an apple and as beautiful as a spring flower, and she was already in a trance, stammering and unable to speak, and swallowing saliva. Suddenly, with a scream, he threw out the sign in his hand, and his hands became black and swollen in an instant. With a "splash", his fingers were peeled open like bananas and rolled all the way. The flesh and blood were purple and black, rustling and falling, and in a moment only the blue and purple bones of his hands were left. The sixth Marquis laughed and said, Investment casting parts ,die casting parts, "Is this gold hot?" The man with triangular eyes hissed and screamed, and all the people looked at him in horror. Luo Jiya smiled sweetly and said, "This elder brother, before noon tomorrow, all your flesh and skin will fall off. After noon, you will turn into a skeleton!"! So let's get in line! Suddenly he frowned and sighed, "Alas!"! I almost forgot that you sold all the brands before noon tomorrow to others! With a deep sigh, I am full of sympathy. Zhenzhu is afraid to see it. Don't turn your head. Although Tuo Ba Ye felt that Luo Jiya's means were vicious, this group of card dealers extorted money when other people's lives were at stake, which was too hateful, so they also felt that their hearts were too fast. Triangular eyes rolled all over the ground and made a wailing sound like killing a pig. The card dealers saw that their faces changed greatly, and when they saw that the situation was not good, they turned around and ran away. "Since you have so many brands," said Luojiya with a sneer, "take a good look at your illness." With a flick of his fingers, the big men screamed, their flesh rotted, their bones scorched, and they fell to the ground in pain and wanted to faint. Everyone is very happy, although the disease is in the body, but their faces all show a rare smile. A group of big men in yellow, brandishing long knives, rushed in from a distance and shouted, "Granny, are you coming to Lingshan to make trouble?" Luo Jiya giggled and said in a crisp voice, "Yes, Fairy, I'm here to make trouble!"! The ten goblins on the mountain, listen carefully. The First Poison God of the Great Wilderness, the Quicksand Fairy, and the First Medicine God of the Great Wilderness, the disciple of Shennong, Tuo Ba Ye, have come to trouble you! The strange beast flapped its wings rapidly, flying through the big men in yellow who rushed head-on in the noise of "that seven, that seven", and ran towards the mountain. At the moment when it was wrong, the big men in yellow fell down one after another. The white dragon deer hissed with joy and pursued relentlessly. Tuo Ba Ye burst out laughing, but he was greatly surprised: "The disciple of Shennong, the first medicine God of the Great Wilderness?"? How does this sorceress know my relationship with Shennong? Chapter Two Three-inch Beauty The beast flapped its wings clumsily and quickly, and in an instant it and the white dragon deer ran high over the thorn forest one after the other towards Lingshan Mountain. After a while, four people have run up the mountainside. Looking back, the sky is as blue as the sea, the moon is rising, the bonfire at the foot of the mountain is twinkling, and countless people are as small as ants, looking up. The wind whistled, and the strong fragrance of flowers and vegetation seemed to come in waves. The dense forest is green, the branches are dumb and horizontal, the shadows are flashing, and the leaves are rushing, as if they were about to whip in the face at any time. Luo Jiya raised her head to blow the trumpet, and the jade horn, contrary to the strange and sad sound, was particularly bright and exciting,Steel investment casting, faintly carrying the sound of gold and stone. The sound of the trumpet echoed in the valley, and it was endless. Zhenzhu remembered what Luojiya had said about poisonous insects and monsters on the mountain. She was afraid. She closed her eyes and shrank into Tuoba's wild bosom. Holding her gently in his arms, Tuo Ba Ye suddenly remembered the scene many years ago when he rode a white dragon deer to Yuping Mountain to look for the Qing Emperor. It seemed that the characters were completely different. I wonder what kind of characters he would meet on Lingshan Mountain this time.

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